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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Ex-rep confident Nasir capable of leading Semporna Umno

Former Sulabayan assemblyperson Harman Mohamad is confident that Semporna Umno division deputy chief Nasir Sakaran is capable of leading Semporna Umno members and strengthen the party in the division.
He said Nasir, who is now acting Semporna Umno division chief following the suspension of vice-president Mohd Shafie Apdal, was also believed to be capable of taking Semporna Umno to a stronger and dynamic position than ever.

“I’m confident than with his experience and leadership, as well as with the support from the members and committee line up who are still loyal to the party, Semporna Umno will continue to be the party’s strongest division and stronghold in Sabah,” he told a press conference in Kota Kinabalu today.
Commenting on the allegation that 300 Semporna Umno branch chiefs had quit the party last Monday, Harman said it was inaccurate and the number was in fact far less than that.
Last Monday, Semporna Umno vice-chief Dr Jaujan Sambakong announced his resignation from UMNO and claimed that Semporna Umno Youth chief Mohd Aziz Jamman, Wanita chief Manis Muka Dara and Puteri chief Zakiah Kalipunya and 300 branch chiefs would also follow suit.
Yesterday, Zakiah, however, refuted the remark, saying that she would stay loyal to Umno and continue her service to the people until the end of her term.

On the move taken by several committee members to quit the party, Harman said it was uncalled for as they should have stayed and offered their input and comprehensive opinion to strengthen the party.
He said protests staged against the suspension of Mohd Shafie were seen to be immature and would only worsen the situation and tarnish Mohd Shafie’s credibility as one of Umno’s leaders at the national level.
As such, Harman also expressed hope that Mohd Shafie would advise his hardcore followers not to follow their hearts, but to be calm and to do self-assessment for the interest of the party and the society as a whole.

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