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Wednesday, June 29, 2016


Mukhriz-Kit Siang-Muhyiddin
Zakiah Koya, The Heat Malaysia
The usual route is out of Umno and into the opposition, but for former deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin and ex-Kedah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir, who were dropped from Umno for having shared the stage with the opposition, there are a few other options.
One of the option is joining the Citizens’ Declaration with former premier, while another easier one is to stay away until Umno changes leaders and then jumping in again.
The opposition coalition Pakatan Harapan knows this very well, but they have been in talks with the Umno rebel duo long before they were officially sacked from their party, hoping to persuade them to join forces.
Many in Pakatan Harapan parties DAP, PKR and Amanah, however, are not really in favour of taking in ex-Umno bigwigs into the coalition, as they feel that this would just make them a group of former wannabes.
The former Umno bigwigs who have joined the opposition parties post 2013 such as former Selangor CM Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib and Datuk Kamaruddin Jaafar have not helped in boosting the opposition pact in any way.
However, Pakatan Harapan secretary general Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah, himself a former Umno bigwig, begs to differ and says that the main focus should be on how to get the number one enemy – Umno.
Although the duo may not have much open support from within Umno, there is the idea that because they have been Umno tops while Najib was helming the party, they may know some tactics to break Umno.
Saifuddin, who jumped ship to PKR last year, says to break Umno, the former top Umno duo would be really useful.
“Muhyiddin and Mukhriz have a reasonable strong support or at least sympathy from Umno members, especially in Johore and in Kedah.
“However, I suspect it is very difficult for the support to be turned into open support towards the two or revolt within the party.
“I believe certain opposition leaders from PKR and Amanah have been in close contact with both of them from the time they were dismissed from their governmental positions. Many among us are hopeful that they will join us.”
Saifuddin also does not think that their sacking from UMNO has anything to do with whether Najib had the guts to do it or not, albeit, it took about one year from the time Muhyiddin was sacked as DPM.
“I think, this is more the usual procedure of sacking members who are deemed helping the opposition in an election. Hence the timing of the sacking after the conclusion of the twin by elections of Sungai Besar and Kuala Kangsar,” says Saifuddin.
He also says that should they decide to join forces with Pakatan, they will be quite an asset.
“They will be an asset to the opposition, because they know best how to break the Umno operations,” says Saifuddin.
The opposition’s proposal to Muhyiddin and Mukhriz obviously seems to be more of a case of making friends with enemies of your enemies.

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