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Thursday, June 30, 2016

The unbelievably stupid level of religious dialogue (especially in Malaysia)

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You have seen the video of some morons asking people to kiss some stone slab. From their appearances and the vocals they are  Muslims (nauzubillah).   Yet no action has been taken against them.  How come? Kalau awak punya setan-setan ok ke?

Not too long ago University Moron Kepala Hotak Hang came out with an anti-histeria kit, to be sold for over a thousand Ringgit.  Obviously they were fake. 

Well there was a recent histeria attack in Kelantan and they called a Chinese sin-seh to help them calm down the kids (who are treated like inmates in a psychiatric hospital - ini haram, itu haram, ini tak boleh, itu tak boleh).  But what happened to the fake anti-histeria kits?  No one has raised any  questions about that either.

Another moron has made some pronouncements about 'kafir harbi'.  I dont think any action will be taken against him either.

This is the level of religious discourse not just in Malaysia but around the entire world. 

Can I ask an honest question ? Is it necessary that when you folks speak about religion that you must also be stupid? I mean, do religion and stupid both have to go together all the time?  Like Siamese Twins?

Well, there may be an exception.  On the Internet you can find a more open, more intelligent and vibrant discussion about religion. And the Internet can access information at light speed.  The Internet can give instant answers.
Here is an example of a discussion on the Internet.   

1.  Did you know that the widely used phrase 'Allahu Akbar' is not found in the Quran? This is a fact and a point of accuracy.

2.  And then there is also a dispute over what it means literally.  

Well actually there is no dispute about its literal meaning. The literal meaning is the literal meaning. You cannot change that.

The dispute is over the fact that its literal meaning is different from its usual English translation (or rendition in English). 

3. Finally there is a 'theological' argument about what 1.  and 2.  above can really mean.

Here are some links that you may check out for yourself.  These are not my discussions. This is what I found on the Internet (while I was doing some research).

I am not responsible for bringing the Internet to you or anyone else. You can blame the gomen for doing that. Plus the gomen has not shut down or blocked these sites. 

1.  This discussion questions  "Is Allahu Akbar Un-Quranic / shirk...? "  Wow. The main thing is to see how they put forward their arguments. Here is the link :

Here is another one that points out Al Kabeer in the Quran :

3.  Also check out  Takbir  in    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Takbir

4.  Here is  "Allahu Akbar Vs Allahu Al-Kabeer"

5.  And this one "Allahu Akbar - WikiIslam"


Maybe the discourse is less stupid because they speak in English?  It need not always be the case but people who have "learnt" to speak English usually went to school to learn it. This means they are more educated? 

Whatever the case,  this is certainly more intelligent discussion than kissing stone slabs, anti hysteria kits and labelling people kafir harbi.

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