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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

So it’s death for those who 'challenge' Islam?

YOURSAY | ‘Is Islam really such an intolerant religion, so devoid of compassion?’
Vijay47: Almost inevitable labels to Islam are "religion of peace" and Ramadan as "a holy month". From the conduct and attitude of Muslims in Malaysia, nothing could be further from the truth.
But do not blame just this ignorant mufti who would want us to view him as a respectable religious leader. Perhaps within his flock.
However, the bigger culprit, the greater evil, is PM Najib Razak who apparently will stop at nothing to ensure the continued dominance of himself, his Umno, and his Rosmah.
When the whole nation expected him to at least reprimand the Pahang mufti to stem this headlong surge towards the country's damnation, Najib actually gave tacit encouragement to fanatics by warning "the enemies of Islam" when the real enemies to their faith are Muslims themselves.
What is truly bewildering and terrifying is that there seems to be no Muslims in principal positions who are concerned and bold enough to condemn this growing Islamic madness. I wonder who we should pity more, Muslims or Abdul Rahman Osman.
Tan Kim Keong: Who or what we choose to vote for and oppose is our God-given right. And Pahang mufti Abdul Rahman is definitely not God.
It's about time to tell Abdul Rahman and his ilk in no uncertain terms that freedom cannot exist for those who want to take the freedom of others.
Because if we don't, it's akin to telling your killer it’s his right to kill you.
Quigonbond: As if it'll make it better if he is directing his comment at broader Malaysians instead of DAP. Death to those who challenge Islam? Is Islam really such an intolerant religion, so devoid of compassion?
There is without any doubt grounds for charging him with sedition.
Drngsc: You misunderstand, Abdul Rahman. We are not asking you to retract. We are asking IGP (inspector-general of police) to investigate you. We are hoping that you will be thrown in jail.
Your calling for Malaysians to be killed is wrong. That is a crime. You are acting like the Islamic State (IS) terrorists. You have to be punished. Go to jail. That is where people like you belong.
Vent: In any decent democracy, the first to condemn hate speech will be the parliamentarians led by the prime minister and the first authority to investigate will be the police.
So Najib is nothing more than a conspirator with the rabid mullah and has exposed himself as an Islamic extremist. No amount of strutting around on the world stage is going to cover him up.
Meanwhile, the IGP has clearly demonstrated that he is a closet Islamofascist for not arresting this bigoted racist. As for the Sultan of Pahang, woe betide him if he joins the fray.
Sabahan: Maybe Abdul Rahman should send his comments to US presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump for their viewing pleasure and also London mayor Sadiq Khan.
This will show them how 'moderate' Umno is. Then, there will be no more golfing for Najib with the US president, and we can kiss our visa-free visit to the US goodbye.
RR: I find it difficult to understand that most Muslim politicians and religious leaders refuse to admit mistakes and apologise.
Only God is perfect and not human beings. By apologising for a wrong done, one reaches the height of greatness. I am sure Islam too teaches this.
MA: Is there any link to what happened early this morning at Movida nightclub at Puchong Jaya to this fanatic? Need the IGP wait any longer to catch this dangerous instigator?
Boonpou: Many times, my Malay Muslim friends tried to explain to me some of the characteristics of a munafik and how their religion has been hijacked by these munafik as well as their religious extremists.
Religious extremists I get it, like the Talibans or currently, the IS.
Now with this Pahang mufti, I think I can understand the term munafik. He must have read the Quran a thousand times or more, and still could not get it.
I feel so sorry for him. He probably was not reading it to his heart. Or perhaps he is, all along, a dyslexic.
Anonymous 1890491455255851: One of the world's biggest problems today is intolerance bred by radical ideology. It is causing much killing of innocents, the destruction of cities and towns and people's lives.
It is making everyone live in fear, not knowing when and where the next fanatic is going to pull out a gun or let off a bomb.

Is this the kind of thinking we want to encourage and is this mufti proud of what he is pontificating? -- Mkini

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