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Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Turkey's Goose Getting Cooked, Reestablish Ties With Israel, Pays Money To Russia

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There was another terror attack in Istanbul yesterday.  There is one almost every month.  Here is some news :
  • All Signs Point to ISIS in Istanbul Attack 
  • Turkish PM Says
  • 36 dead and 147 others injured 
  • all signs point to ISIS as being responsible
Here is some other news from yesterday. 

  • Israel and Turkey fully restore relations - June 27 announcement
  • Israel to pay US$20m for families of ten Turkish citizens killed in 2010
  • naval blockade of Gaza remains in place
  • Turkey permitted to provide aid to Gaza through Israeli port of Ashdod
  • allows Turkey to claim it lifted Gaza blockade
  • Turkey to restrain Hamas which will continue to have a presence in Turkey
  • Turkey and Israel to counter Iranian influence 
  • 2014 trade exceeded $5 billion. figure will grow if gas deals are realized
  • Israel has enormous natural gas reserves off its coast  
  • Israel pipeline to Turkey, where gas sold for Turkish and EU. 
  • natural gas pathway: economic benefits to Israel significant
So at the end of the day money talks louder.

Under the corrupt and dictatorial Reccip Taiyyeb Erdogan  Turkey is becoming another 'Islamic' mental asylum.

Yesterday there was another terror attack at Istanbul Airport. 36 people were killed. The attack is most likely by pro-ISIS jihadis who were created and nurtured by Turkey.   

Now, since the ISIS is getting their butts kicked, Turkey has had to pull the plug on supporting the ISIS. I guess the ISIS guys are not too happy.   Their own crows have come home to roost.

This attack against Istanbul Airport is not likely to be by Kurdish nationalists - who are being massacred by Erdogan.  Suicide bombing is not the Kurdish style.

The Turks have also had to eat Russian humble pie:


  • Turkey PM says willing to pay Russia compensation over downed jet
  • June 28 ― Turkey ready to pay compensation for Moscow’s jet PM Binali Yildirim 
  • we are ready to pay compensation,” Yildirim told public TV 
  • after Erdogan reached out a conciliatory hand to Moscow 
  • Erdogan would speak with Putin tomorrow or Thursday 
  • the two nations back opposite sides in the Syrian war
  • Ankara backing rebels fighting Bashar al-Assad
  • Moscow is one of his allies
  • Ankara seeks to shore up its influence in region
  • deal with Israel to restore ties 
  • mending fences with Russia
  • Erdogan hoped for “quick” normalisation in ties with Moscow
  • yesterday Kremlin said Erdogan apologised to Putin over downing of jet 
  • Turkey moves towards policy known as “zero problems with neighbours” 
My comments :  My view is Erdogan saw the crisis in Syria purely as an opportunity to enrich himself. It has been widely reported that his son buys stolen oil from the ISIS. This stolen oil trade has been going on for years now and has made billions of US Dollars.  This is a corrupt leader.

Then he is also convinced that Turkey should become a leader among the Organisation of Insane Countries - because they share the same delusions (or almost).  Maybe at the next call,  Erdogan should just slam his forehead harder into the concrete. That may leave a bigger mark on his senses.

Turkey over the past 12 years under the AKP (Erdogan's party) has become a classic example of what can go wrong in an insane asylum.  

Folks, there is a constant threat hanging over the Islamic countries which may not afflict the non Islamic countries.

What is that constant threat? That at any point in history they can reverse the clock and revert back to the Stone Age.  They can literally go back to the Stone Age.

Just today one ostard wal retard here has said that "discount cards" are haram. What does the moron know about discount cards, business or the economy? He is just denying the Malays cheaper discounted prices. Melayu miskin dulu.

Then you have seen the video of some ostard wal retards watching people kiss a piece of stone or something. That is not only pagan but it is shirik. 

Clever beggars like Erdogan can manipulate peoples' delusions to benefit his own pocket.  This is what Erdogan has been doing in Turkey. Cronyism is big business now in Turkey.

But this type of stupidity always goes wrong. The ISIS is losing, the Russians and the Israelis may cooperate to create a new Kurdistan smack in the middle between Turkey, Syria and Iraq.

Erdogan may end up with serious egg on his face. Hence the normalisation of relations with Israel,  cutting the Hamas loose and paying the Russians compensation for shooting down their jet and killing its pilot who had safely parachuted out.

Typical of all the Islamic tin pot dictators, Erdogan has become a real shaytan in the flesh.

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