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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Khalid: Malays sadly the perfect rakyat for a corrupt gov't

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The Malays are the perfect citizens for a corrupt and dictatorial government, remarked Parti Amanah Negara communication director Khalid Samad.
"We are faced with a Malay mentality, where the Malays are the perfect rakyat for a dictatorial government.
"Anything happens, and they would say this is takdir Tuhan (God's will). They always give the benefit of the doubt," he said at a forum last night.
"When the 1MDB (scandal) occurred, they are placated once they have been given one explanation. They are the perfect rakyat for the corrupt government," he concluded.
"When they get BR1M (1Malaysia People's Aid), they would even say this is the first time the government has given out BR1M," he added.
Better understanding of Islam
The Shah Alam MP said Malays would reject the present political leadership if they had a better understanding of Islam.

He said they needed to find a formula so the Malays would not feel it was wrong to oppose the present government.
This was a culture the Pakatan Harapan had to face together, said Khalid.
Meanwhile, the former PAS leader also said the party would address the issue of Malay privileges, but said it wasn't a priority for now.
He stressed that Malays suffered due to the system of Malay privileges too.
He cited the case of public universities, saying that while the lecturers may all be Malays due to the Malay privilege policies, they still suffered because the present crop appeared to be second class lecturers. - Mkini

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