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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Only If Bod*wi Had Any Brains

Well I did not write the following. The person who wrote this is being kind.  After the sacking of Muhyiddin Yassin, Abdullah Badawi made a statement that  "if Muhyiddin is good he will still be in UMNO".  Meaning Muhyiddin is not any good. Retirement has perhaps made Bod*wi even more so.

Pak Lah said if Muhyiddin is good, he would still be in UMNO.  He forgets that at one time, he wanted Muhyiddin Yassin to be his deputy and not Najib Razak.  ln the end, it was Najib Razak who used Muhyiddin to get rid of Pak Lah. 

Pak Lah must have just woken up. Because he has not said a word about 1MDB.  So is 1MDB ok for Pak Lah?  

Pak Lah, obviously you are sleeping again.   Obviously you have not read any of the 51 newspapers all over the world who are writing about 1MDB.   Obviously you have not even seen TV reports on 1MDB and no one has told you what is happening with the investigations in Singapore and Switzerland,  just to mention two countries.  

It must be all OK to you because Najib made you advisor to Petronas and made your son in law a minister (who has taken Harimau Malaya to below 194 ranking).  Wake up Mr Used-To-Be-Clean.   

Look at this photo.  Najib and wife gave each ketua cawangan this present.  

According to UMNO there are 20,000 ketua cawangan and we are told even penghulus got same present.  Was this bought from J_ k _ l?  

Pak Lah, you and us know how much PM earns a month.  If you are awake please calculate how much it costs to buy all these presents.  

lf it is UMNO’s money, then it must show in UMNO’s audited accounts.  Or is this the reason why Husni gave up and resigned?  Or the money came from mysterious donations from a mysterious Arab donor?  

Pak Lah, please wake up.

My comments :  Dont wake up Pak Lah. Just keep your eyes shut and sleep. Better still why not swallow a bottle of pills ? Can sleep longer.  

Folks, it is really unbelievable how stupid these people are.  And they rule the country.

One Tan Sri said that in his view Bod*wi was a traitor to the country.

This was the idiot who signed away two oil and gas parcels off Limbang in Sarawak to Brunei during the last days of his premiership. 

And none of the penyokong bangsat asked 'Why'?  

Which PM in the world can give up sovereignty over his country's territory?  But that is exactly what this moron did.

Bod*wi's comments are worth crap.  Only a foolish people would have elevated such an unintelligent person to be their leader.  The fools are still here.

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