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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Khalid: We brokered peace between Dr M and Anwar before, hope to do it again


Pakatan Harapan went from heralding a new chapter for the nation after its historic win in the last general election to struggling to contain a potential implosion within a span of two years.
After being ousted through a political coup, the coalition and its allies - dubbed Pakatan Harapan Plus - are attempting to recapture federal power but their march to Putrajaya has been halted due to the disagreement on who should be the prime minister.
The decision to support Dr Mahathir Mohamad as the interim prime minister instead of PKR president Anwar Ibrahim and the latter's rejection of this arrangement has strained ties between old and new allies.
DAP and Amanah believe that Anwar, who has waited for more than two decades, can be patient for another six months while Mahathir's patience is wearing thin.
Conceding that the situation is far from ideal, Harapan has vowed to continue its efforts to mend ties between the two.
Amanah strategic communications director Khalid Samad (photo) pointed out that Harapan managed to broker peace between them prior to the 2018 polls and therefore it can be done again.
“At this point, the situation appears to be not so positive but this is not an excuse for us to stop our efforts (to broker peace). This is something where immediate results cannot be expected.
“Just like in 2018 when we were successful in bringing Tun (Mahathir) and Anwar's party together, insyaAllah (God willing), we will succeed again,” he told Malaysiakini.
Khalid was commenting on Mahathir's ultimatum to PKR that he is prepared to end his working relationship with Anwar and explore other options to remove the Perikatan Nasional government.
The 95-year-old politician also rejected PKR's offer to appoint him to a senior cabinet position similar to Singapore's minister mentor, arguing that past prime ministers did not heed his advice.
Anwar, on the other hand, believes the nation needs a fresh start and Mahathir, who was prime minister twice before, should not be given the post for the third time.
DAP and Amanah argue that Mahathir can convince the East Malaysian bloc of federal lawmakers to back the quest to regain power whereas Anwar is unable to do so.
Meanwhile, Khalid said Amanah and DAP would continue to serve as the conduit between Mahathir and Anwar with regard to the efforts to form the government again.
“Amanah and DAP are committed to the decision that 'Harapan Plus' must be strengthened to reclaim the government from PN,” he added. - Mkini

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