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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And now for some dirty tricks

And now for some dirty tricks

Faced with the reality of outright loss to Pakatan in the next general elections, the BN’s devious dirty tricks department seems to have gone into overdrive.

Standing out in the long list, was farcical sodomy allegations, an obviously fabricated sex video, a fantasy Christian plot and now, here’s an idea, deregister PKR! That way the BN can win the elections by default, since there is no other way for them to win. And if deregistering PKR works, then why not deregister PAS and DAP as well? That way, the BN can win 100% of the seats.

The reason given for this attempted deregistration of PKR is that they had sacked a member of their party for contesting against them. And what should PKR do with indisciplined members? Keep them so that the BN can benefit? The Registrar of Societies too, it seems, is now a tool of the BN. The article of the constitution that the ROS accuses PKR of infringing does not actually exist. The individual named by ROS, is not a PKR member. Still they proceed!

Will they really deregister PKR on this nonsensical charge? It seems absurd. But absurd, the BN has demonstrated before, is fine with them, as long as it serves their purpose. And their purpose is to destroy Pakatan, destroy any alternative to them. And so they will most certainly persist with this action.

PKR has already filed an action in court against this attempt at deregistering them. Where it will lead, we do not know. But we do know that deregistering PKR will lead to widespread discontent, and possibly unrest. The BN does not seem to care, they are perhaps confident that they hold the levers of power and can therefore quell any dissatisfaction.

So what will become of Malaysia, when such tactics are used to suppress democratic freedom. We will become ever more an undemocratic nation, a country which is ruled by a small elite of politicians, bankrolled by crony businessmen, and supported by the security forces. It is not good for the country, or the people, or our economic well-being.

It is only good for the few who rule. Many regimes have survived in this manner for decades. But they must eventually fall. And when they fall, they will surely fall hard. - Malaysia Chronicle

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