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Monday, June 20, 2011



THE case of police senior officer and many cops from the Kuala Lumpur Narcotics division were detained two weeks ago on suspicion of drug trafficking. This is as reported in the newspaper on the 19th of June, which is very alarming especially this is involving so many police personals. It is believed that there are some others involved in this.

The Bukit Aman Narcotics Director Datuk Noor Rasid Ibrahim said they were detained after police found strong evidence of their involvement, and they are held under the Section 3(1) of the Dangerous rugs Act 1952 and a decision to suspend them from duties would be made after initial investigation are completed.

He added that the police would not hesitate to take action against police officers who are involved in any form of criminal activities. Any one who breached the laws will be punished.

Hiew commented that this matter is very serious and we need to go down very heavy on them to find out what is happening to the police force now. The general publics are getting worry over the discipline of the police and has lost confident in them, they said there might be more that still has to be caught and justice sort for.

Recently in Parliament on the 15th of June, KK MP Hiew King Cheu seek the Minister of Home Affairs to explain on what action he is going to take on the falling discipline of the uniform forces which including the police.

The minister in his written reply saying that to uplift the discipline of the forces is by way of providing courses, motivation class and talks. The department must investigate and take action on all reported cases with the laws there is.

This is an answer that is totally unacceptable, and how can we keep the discipline of our uniform personals in good order and under control. The uniform groups definitely are highly trained and are maintaining high discipline.

How can we have more and more cases involving the discipline of the police and now even police personals being caught doing drug business? This is going too far now and our society is at risk and in danger.

The damage is very immense and having a long term implication on the safety and well being of the people. These type of happenings who should be held responsible and who should be punished, may be the top brass can give us a favorable answer.

We have to do something now to reinstall discipline in our uniform forces, and we cannot wait until one day that it all went out of hand. This is even so when police officers are involved in drug trafficking and misuse of fire arms. If they cannot maintain their own discipline how can we trust them now? The Minister of Home Affairs will have to do his duty to put right the situation.

- Sabahkini

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