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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Steamy sex scandals and controversies fire up Malaysia's political scene

Steamy sex scandals and controversies fire up Malaysia's political scene

Malaysia’s political scene is never complete without sex scandals and controversies. Some of the time, it involves women of great beauty and even 'lady boys'. But it is never complete if there are no elements of murder, rape, sodomy, furious second wives and even call-girls out to make a living. Politicians from both sides are not exempt from temptation.

When it comes to Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim, his sex life is dangled in the air for the world to see. He was first accused of sodomizing his wife’s driver. Those were trumped-up charges and were thrown out. Now Prime Minister Najib Razak is accusing him of sodomy-rape, which was quickly changed to consensual sodomy when the police realized that nobody would believe a man with a severe back injury could be capable of overpowering a strong young stud like Saiful. Then, there were other allegations by Anwar's old enemy and ex-premier Mahathir Mohamad, that he was bonking two or three women at one go, but without an iota of proof.

Crazy Datuk T

Even before the sodomy case could move into trial stage, came along the Datuk T trio, who professed to be noble, nationalistic, and protective of the Malaysian people that they couldn’t bear holding back another dark Anwar secret, i.e. he was also bonking call-girls! They even had a video to prove their claims, “how can Anwar be the Prime Minister of this nation, if he cannot keep his pants up?” That too, didn’t turn out very well, and the trio ended up being charged in a court of law, although they were let off with the merest slap on the wrist.

However, despite such a barrage of sexual allegations against him, Anwar still stands tall. The great majority don't believe a word they read in the government-controlled mainstream media about his alleged sexual peccadilloes, but a few do and this underscores the evil of gutter politicking. For Anwar, the silver linings are he is now admired and respected for his strength in being able to weather the force-10 gales whipped up against him by his foes. The other benefit is that his countrymen now also know that he is not impotent, whereas MCA president Chua Soi Lek had to take Viagra before he could enjoy himself.

Bung and Zizie Izette

Speaking of which, we also recall BN MP Bung Mokhtar who married a second wife without fulfilling the legal process. And this was one young and beautiful lady. Wow, everybody else is so lucky. Most of us can hardly afford another wife, let alone a pretty young one with expensive taste in clothes and handbags like First Lady Rosmah Mansor! But Bung, although he was charged and found guilty, he managed to get off with a small fine.

However, it is highly unlikely that Anwar will be that lucky, if he is found guilty.

The beauty from Mongolia

And then, the most sensational of all was this ravishing beauty from Mongolia, who could speak six tongues. Barely 28 when she was killed, she was alleged to have been lovers with both Najib and his close friend Razak Baginda. Although Najib has denied involvement, his friend has not. So strange and coincidental the murderers turned out to be two special squad cops who used to be Najib's bodyguards. They have been sentenced to hang but they have appealed and guess what? The appeals hearing has been delayed for two years by now. No doubt, once the GE-13 is safely past, their appeals will be heard and they may even escape the noose. A leaked US cable has alleged that it was Najib's aide-de-camp who ordered them to kill her.

On that fateful night, the two cops allegedly shot her in the head and then exploded her body. Imagine, being blown up by C4 inside a forest in the middle of the night. Word has it that her ashes are still in the country and have not been sent back to Mongolia for burial. Her father has complained to PKR leaders about this. So, till today, her haunting beauty still haunts the pages of the Internet, with that slight smile, and ghostly eyes piercing at you each time you look at her picture.

Khalwat and phone-sex too

And if that was not enough, PAS deputy president Mat Sabu is starting to become really famous. Never has anyone managed to hold the public’s attention for more than 2 weeks, but he and his party have gained tremendously from non-stop press coverage over the Umno-bungled Malaya-never-a-colony issue. Their prestige is now sky-high. So what better way - to Umno that is - to bring Sabu down that to accuse him of phone-sex!

Since his victory in the PAS polls, Sabu has become a serious political threat to Umno, with the jealous ones scheming plot after plot to discredit him. Since he became the PAS No. 2, the Malay support for PAS has shot up and suddenly PAS has become a viable alternative to Umno. And it is all thanks to Umno!

Due to the mindset of the Umno strategists and their fondness for sexual plots, it won't be surprising that there will be repeated attempts to neutralize Sabu. It is a huge headache but also a sign that he has come of age as a politician. Sabu is now regarded as a threat as big as Anwar and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng.

But the King of Porn still is ...

Earlier Sabu's enemies even tried to circulate a video of him committing khalwat or close proximity. Of course, the tape failed to interest the public. How can it fail to titillate Malaysia's seasoned audience, who have gone through all the ravishing details of Altantuya, who was even alleged to be pregnant, the Datuk T sex video and not to mention, MCA president Chua Soi Lek's full-length sex DVD.

Apparently, Soi Lek himself watched porn on a laptop to get excited and also swallowed some pills, which his critics insist were Viagra. His session with his girlfriend were shown on YouTube and watched by the world audience, garnering millions of hits. Now that is fame! Or infamy, depending on how you view it.

Desperate times and desperate measures

It looks like desperate times do call for desperate measures. And in Bolehland, the corrupt and the criminally tainted usually get away scot-free, while the victimized are slapped blue-black with all kinds of chronic accusations. But still, Najib and Umno knows best and Malaysians cannot really blame them. After all, it was Malaysians who put them in power.

So whether these sleazy sexual scandals are to divert public attention from BN’s weaknesses or the snails-paced election reforms, it really doesn’t matter. No one in this country actually believes that BN would comply with Bersih to review and reform the electoral system. Imagine, how much time and expense BN has invested in skewing and corrupting the system to its advantage, so why should it dismantle it and hand Malaysia on a silver platter to the Pakatan?

Which also means that, all you ADUNs and MPs out there, particularly those from the Pakatan, please take note and behave yourselves. If you must be naughty, take good care not to get 'caught' by the Umno snoops and sex-police. A war has been declared ahead of the GE, and it certainly won't be a holy one!

- Malaysia Chronicle

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