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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Komtar trader gives Guan Eng 'crap'

The 51-year-old Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng may well be shocked to see the birthday gifts his most vocal critic Mohamed Ghani Abdul Jiman left for him in Komtar today.

Ghani tried to hand over to Lim's office a surprise "birthday" gift of five cakes - four in the shape and colour of human excreta and the other a black number '4' design, to signify four years of DAP-led rule in Penang.

NONEHe claimed that DAP members and supporters gave him the idea to present the cakes to Lim, and they fully sponsored the "poop" shaped ones.

Ghani, who is Komtar Traders Association vice-president, suggested that Lim lodge a police report if he wanted to know who the DAP members behind the cake idea were.

"They are the ones who say the DAP has ruled Penang like shit," Ghani told reporters outside the state government office on Komtar's 3rd floor.

"They have not done anything for these four years except to marginalise the Malays - demolish, break and chase away the people from their homes and businesses," he added.

A symbolic gift

Ghani said the cakes were "home-made" and he spent about RM80 on the ingredients.

NONEThe cakes were a "symbolic gift" as on the outside, they "look nice and sweet" but inside, they were empty, made of white Styrofoam.

"It is just like the DAP's rule - full of sweet promises but inside everything is empty, lies and cheating," he added.

Ghani said Lim should be happy because no one had presented him a cake, although others could provide him with hampers or cash.

He then went on to condemn the state government as incapable of running Penang and for ignoring the plights of the Malay community.

He would also send gifts to Lim on Christmas Day, since Lim celebrated the event.

Policemen do nothing

About 10 policemen and several other security personnel stood watch as Ghani and three other supporters waited for Lim's representative to receive the "gifts".

An officer from the northeast district police station, who would only give his name as Jayaram, tried to disperse the crowd, but Ghani refused to leave, saying "I have the right as a rakyat to present gifts to the CM.

"I am his voter and I did not bring a bomb," Ghani said loudly.

Jayaram then asked the journalists to disperse, but Ghani countered, "how can you ask them to leave? They are doing their job, you do your job, too".

Ghani (at right in picture below) and his friends then took the cakes and tried to go to the CM's office on the 28th floor, but the door to the offices were locked.

NONE"Pondan(transvestite) government! They do not have the people at heart! They are liars, cheats!" he screamed, and then placed his gifts on the counters of the state government offices.

At a press conference outside the office, Ghani said this would be the last birthday cake for the CM, as Lim would be out of work after the coming 13th general election.

"After they leave, we will know how much they have squandered," he said.

Meanwhile, Lim's special assistant Zairil Khir Johari met reporters to say that the CM's birthday was a "personal matter", not an official celebration.

"As such, neither the CM, who is on his way back from Taiwan, nor any of his staff from Penang will receive any gift from the public," he said.

"Those who wish to present gifts can instead donate to any charitable cause," added Zairil.

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