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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Malaysian Politician has a 'pretty young SUNDAL keep' at Batam?

A few weeks ago there was a guide who regularly commute from Johor Bahru to Batam when I came to know that there is a Malaysian politician keeping a women on the island of Batam.

According to the story this politician has placed this women at an apartment located just off the city of Batam. The woman is from the village of Bandung and worked as a factory electronic supervisior in Batam. Suku SUNDAL is the tribe of this woman. SUNDAL women are famous people in seducing men with their softness and charm.

He said this politician began to recognize her in the middle of last year when he and his entourage to the island of Batam. the one who is Steering tourists was the person who named of the apatment.

I coincided to Batam last Thursday and managed to find the alleged location. The trip is not so much on the duty to investigate, but because there are other tasks to be undertaken I noticed that the apartment in question.

Well so the story the apartment in question does exist. I took the picture of the alleged apartment. But unfortunately I was not sucessful to snap his female companion's photo.

When I asked one of them who also lives in the apartment called Matro Setopo, 36 who is of the original Java race that works as a supervisor at the same electric plant, he confirmed there is a Malaysian who have been coming to this apartment several times. But he said he did not know who , but he know his face. And he also told the Malaysian politician is members of the Dewan Rakyat (House of Representatives).

Matro I asked, what the person is talking dialect Kelantan, Terengganu or dialect from the North. He could not answer because he does not know the Malaysian local dialect.

However, he believes that politician is from states in the South of homeland Malaysia.

Who? I will investigate. Marto has promised to show me who the woman who is his concubine.

Posted by ELBI SHEET (translated)

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