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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Police report against Papagomo on 'sodomy' claim

A columnist lodged a police report today against a popular pro-Umno blogger for implying that he had been sodomised by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.

NONE"I found I have been slandered by the blogger, who said I had been (sexually) violated by Anwar Ibrahim and in his blog depicted a picture, which is not of me," columnist Amin Iskandar (right) said in his police report.

Amin, popularly known as Black and whose columns appear in an online publication, said the slander appeared on pro-Umno blog www.papagomo.com, operated by Wan Muhammad Azri Wan Deris, who goes by the moniker Papagomo.

In the article titled 'Amin Iskandar penulis the Malaysian Insider akui dicabul Anwar Ibrahim', Papagomo says the columnist may have been one of Anwar's ‘conquests'.

"Amin Iskandar may have had his anus violated by Anwar until he forgot, or is blind to the fact of what Anwar is doing in discrediting Malaysia's image," Papagomo's blog posting says.

The blogger was referring to recent allegations made by Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Razali Ibrahim that Anwar was running around Indonesia telling tales about how bad things are in our country.

He alluded that people like Amin who so fervently defended Anwar must have had ulterior motives or is in a ‘relationship’ with the opposition leader.

'Act of violation'

The posting includes a blurred picture with the caption, “act of violation that was successfully recorded”.

The picture in the Nov 26 posting depicted two men looking away from the camera in a seemingly questionable position.

The columnist added that he had verified with “trusted sources” that Wan Muhammad is indeed the man behind the moniker Papagomo.

Amin also hoped that the police and the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission shall take swift action and not be selective when it comes to the pro-Umno blogger.

“Writers like him often write slander as they please though dared not use their real identities, hiding behind pseudo names,” the columnist said.

azlanAmin was accompanied by lawyer Puspawati Rosman when he lodged the report at the Jalan Travers police station.

“Our main demand is that he issues an open apology and confesses that he lied in his writing. If a court order is necessary to force his hand, we will file for it and issue a demand letter,” Puspawati told reporters after the report was filed.

Papagomo’s blog had carried many previous allegations mainly against opposition figures which had been disputed.

One such tale was the sexual assault allegation against Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s son which was proven to be untrue.

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