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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

PR is more politically racist than UMNO

Today, they turn everything into a racist agenda if it does not fit their own agenda. Now, UMNO may have been like that but they are learning their lessons and are trying to make amends, but with PR, the trauma is three folded as everything is driven on racism.
Wong Mun Chee
Hear me out first before you bring out the dagger.
Let’s depict the era of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad where probably the nexus of political power had such a free rein over public and private affairs in the name of material progress that nobody was as riled up as they are now for all walk of life.
One solid example is when those original Chinese and not those anglicised ones will remember “Suqiu” that was tabled by 13 Chinese associations and endorsed by 2,095 other Chinese associations in August 1999.
If you recall, it was unconditionally accepted by the great Dr Mahathir initially as he was fearful of losing the election in 1999 coupled with the Reformasi effect. His exact words were that the cabinet was forced to accept it or face a defeat in the election.
Naturally, for one is who is well-versed in SUQIU will no doubt see similarity with the HINDRAF drive, as both do not infringe into the Malay’s position in Malaysia but more so to ensure that the Non Malays are protected equally in parity with what the constitution dictates.
The Chinese representative of the ruling government succumbed to it and the opposition really had no voice then like now, courtesy of you know who.
Moving forward post GE12, UMNO realised that they have been fools in dealing with the Dr Mahathir implanted methods that no longer work. They realised, their partners have become quite stale and unable to garner the type of support amongst their voters that they would unconditionally accept, so they turun padang. They start embracing anyone and everyone who could garner their agenda to maintain power directly rather than going through their partners to maintain their hegemony.  
Leaving UMNO aside, the grandmaster Dr Mahathir in the meantime had taken stock of the affairs and cajoled various NGO to exist and maintain the division amongst Malaysians with the so called Melayu rights. You see in his time, he did not have to worry about it as Malaysian per se were more interested in their material growth so he knew how to maneuver it. However these days it is different, materialism happens to be not the only consideration but, race, religion and human rights.
Dr Mahathir, as ingenious as he may be, is flawed like any human being when dealing with the fragility of humanity and reality for vote counts when it fits him.
Now, coming to the crux of the matter, why PR is politically more racist that UMNO.
PR has freshly new grown green horns as they seem to be running everything on a racist agenda while calling everyone else a racist. PR owes its sudden flight to stardom to you know who. They have been there time immemorial, yet nothing happened.
Today, they turn everything into a racist agenda if it does not fit their own agenda. Now, UMNO may have been like that but they are learning their lessons and are trying to make amends, but with PR, the trauma is three folded as everything is driven on racism.
PR, with its political enthusiasm fails to understand that everything is not racist or some affiance if someone questions them like how they do with UMNO. I think Kg Buah Pala issue is a classic example, when the overnight hero, HINDRAF, had been turned around to be a villainous racist.
PR, does not need to goat its followers for what is right and real on the ground but rather direct them if is plausible.
PR, does not need address themselves Muslim, Chinese, Hindu, Christian or lain-lain to gain votes, but only need to be themselves for a Malaysian agenda rather than a vote based agenda if it is real for the community at large.
What UMNO and its mandores are or what it can be is really not a consideration any longer, if PR can be themselves be of the same bracket by aping it like UMNO for the votes.          
The votes will come for the truth and reality sooner or later even if it does not happen in our lifetime, so what is the rush? Why do PR heroes need to run racist agendas when they could not do it for the last 55 years until you know who came into the picture for what is the truth and reality.
The agenda should not be based on our origins but be directed more so towards the truth and reality for the common folk. PR has to take stock of this rather than running a fervent racist political agenda and engage those akin to bring real changes in Malaysia, as it will never happen otherwise.           
The preservation of one’s culture is utmost for a multicultural Malaysian society that has flourished over the yesterdays, so as SUQIU was, so is HINDRAF and PERKASA as long it does not infringe the wellbeing of Malaysians for a race based agenda that only serves what is politically expedient as it seems to be the favorite theme for PR these days.       
Reality and right are not made for our convenience; it exists for one another. If race, religion dictate society, then I must conclude that Dr Mahathir is successful then and now, for he knows what his people are like and how PR lays the same foundation.

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