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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Talk - First World: Strategy - Race, Religion and Sex scandals

Talk - First World: Strategy - Race, Religion and Sex scandals
If you take inventory of the breaking news and media bursts in the main stream media and the alternative media, you cannot help but conclude that Malaysian politics is no better than that of fourth world countries.
But for the fourth world countries, it is quiet understandable as they not only do not have aspirations of becoming a developed status nation by 2020, they also do not have all the trappings and mega-sized projects to scream 'we are developing fast' or 'satu lagi projek oleh BN' as in the local context.
BN: First world aspirations with fourth world politics
Take an honest look at Malaysia.
We have been parading to the world through dubious media means and paying through our nose for photo sessions with the President of the USA and other notable leaders in the world.
We have been promoting our so-called tourism with tax payers money with a "Truly Asia" slogan to bag with when Petaling Street is fleecing off the tourists notoriously.
We have pumped our petrol-dollars into into all sorts of mega-projects and even borrowed without shame to put up these towering structures only to be ending up under-utilized and begging for rentals.
But in our own political yards we are reduced to race, religion and sex gambits to win voters' support. The daily ration of scream for blood is getting bolder by the days.
Disgusted supporters are now blowing the whistle on BN corruption
We are choking with corruption - allegations from both sides of the political divide. The moment the opposition rolls out a solid case of corruption, there is bound to be a rebuttal - not one of mere denials alone but a counter allegation of sorts to bag with.
You ask the Bapa Modern Malaysia (Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad) and he of course will drum up a war-cry siting a foreign enemy heading to our shores to take over this nation through the opposition parties.
Ah, if only territorial wars were so easy, we need not have had two world wars, Tun!
The once upon a time BN supporters have also started spilling the beans that gives chocking and palpitating evidence of corruption, mismanagement, greed and what have you. The impartial action that would be expected to address the cases is never in sight and even if it was it is a roller-coster of sorts. This is also another fourth world practise.
Indeed, BN which has had the exclusive advantage to govern the country is fraying on its seams. That is a fact. Even all the honorary awards clinched by leaders and their shadow partners (spouses) cannot save BN from the fact that BN has pawned its legacy of trust given by the rakyat.
Hopefully members of the main stream media will one day soon collectively have the courage and the values to say enough is ennough and rescue media freedom from the claws of fourth world politicking and tribal power bases.
Threats to use bloodshed grow
As we near the 13th GE, it is becoming even more evident that the keris is bent on wanting to spill blood at all costs to ensure BN remains majority rule.
This is no different from the tribal and waring factions that fourth world nations are entrenched in.
If a nation wants to be re-classified as a developed nation, then it must also demonstrate a political turf that is of par with the democratic nations that have matured over the years.
Even in neighboring nations that have have a longer lifeline to attain developed status are ahead of Malaysia. Their politicians do not talk about race, religion and sex. They do not scream for blood. Rather they fight over policies, philosophies, direction setting for the entire population. They fight about promises of progress, development and achievements.
But look at our political battles here. It is all about this race against another; this religion against another; video tapes of sexploits; raids of khalwat; who stole what; and what have you.
Bunch of corrupt tribal chiefs
There is more. If you are a civil servant you must stay away from democratic participation in socio-political and socio-economic or environmental issues that implicate BN's questionable management.
Is this any different from the machine-gun totting tribal chiefs of fourth world countries? No of course.
No small wonder then that the longest serving premier claims that Malaysians are immature and therefore we cannot have open, transparent, intellectual public debates. Mind you, only tribal leaders of fourth world nations would clamp down like this. Right?
It is really very sad is it not? The once promising 'Rising Tiger' is today a wounded wolf. And who can we blame?
Leadership! And the very fact that BN has been at the rudder of nation-building, it must take accountability for the sordid and sorry state of politics in Malaysia today.
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