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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What is worse than a pariah politician in Malaysia?

What is worse than a pariah politician in Malaysia?
What is worse than a pariah politician in M’sia? My answer is the current batch of MCA leaders. They have no qualms about sabotaging Barisan Nasional (BN), although they don’t have the intelligence to think they are doing so, just to serve their personal and selfish political agenda.
To the MCA leaders, led by an undisputed immoral president, anyone not in their inner circle and is a threat to their political survival must be eliminated at all costs – including BN.
At a time when BN chairman and prime minister Najib Abdul Razak is struggling, and failing miserably, to keep his coalition relevant, the MCA leaders choose to treat their former president, Ong Tee Keat, like a pariah.
Stealing other people's credit!
For more than five years, Ong as Pandan MP, had lobbied for the relocation of Hulu Langat Batu 18 SJKC Choon Hwa’s relocation to Taman Lembah Maju in Pandan.
When final approval of three acres of land was offered to the school this month, the wife cheating Chua Soi Lek and his MCA Youth chief and deputy education minister Wee Ka Siong quickly seized the opportunity to claim credit for the successful relocation.
They called for a media conference on March 13, claiming credit for everything under the sun while bashing their former boss for failing to do anything for the school.
The conference was given wide media coverage by the mainstream Chinese vernacular print media on March 14, 2012.
Party insiders say Chua and Wee acted swiftly to claim credit after getting wind of Ong’s scheduled briefing and update on the school’s status to the school board members, Pandan non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and residents.
The briefing was held near the site allocated for Choon Hwa on March 14 – two days after the two MCA clowns claimed credit for the successful allocation, in time for the print media to preempt the scheduled briefing. You think the duo’s timing is coincidental?
The party insiders say Chua and Wee don’t even know where exactly Choon Hwa is being relocated to.
The proof from Ong
I have extracted and reproduced the following from Ong’s blog:
“For the record, Ong also provided the following chronology of events on Choon Hwa’s relocation:
2006: Choon Hwa is identified for relocation
2007: Pandan MP Ong submits official proposal to relocate Choon Hwa to Taman Lembah Maju
2008 (Jan 31): Then Education Minister Dato’ Sri Hishammuddin Hussein announces the approval for seven SJKCs to relocate, including Choon Hwa
2008 (March 3): Ekabena Sdn Bhd informs Hishammuddin that it is handing over 10.7 acres in Taman Lembah Maju for the construction of Choon Hwa; In an official visit to Pandan, Hishammuddin confirms Choon Hwa’s relocation
2008 (March 18): Selangor Education Department, via its director Datin Hamidah Nordin, requests Choon Hwa to get the approval from parents of students on the relocation
2008 (June 5): Ong submits official letter to Hishammuddin, appealing for a speedier relocation process following approval and identification of site for the school
2008 (November): Cabinet receives and approves Ong’s proposal that financial allocation for the construction of SJKCs to be directly managed by school boards and the ministry’s School Construction Implementation Action Committee
2009 (March): Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Dato’ Sri Najib Abdul Razak approves RM95 million for the construction of 20 SJKCs approved on Jan 31, 2008, including RM3 million for Choon Hwa
2008 May to 2010 November: Choon Hwa’s board of directors liaises with the Selangor Education Department to resolve various relocation issues
2010 (Dec 13): Ong submits official letter to Prime Minister Najib regarding the relocation and the land identified
2010 (Dec 14): Najib directs Education Ministry, via its minister, to smoothen and speed up the relocation issue and processes; Ong and the school board then liaises with Muhyiddin, including the request for five acres of the 10-acre reserved land and reported that the land is now occupied by factories without any enforcement action by MPAJ or the Selangor Education Department. A total of seven meetings were held
2012 (March): Choon Hwa board of directors is officially informed of the approval of three acres for the relocation.”
Nailing their own coffin
From the above, now do you see why I say Chua and his MCA cronies are worse than pariah politicians.
Just to promote their selfish agenda, they are willing to be in the cesspool to distort any issue just to claim credit to serve their personal political agenda.
Based on the chronology of events, do you believe Ong (who risked his political position to expose the multi-billion ringgit Port Klang Free Zone financial fiasco) or Chua the adulterer politician?
How then can we trust BN to take care of the people’s interest? How then can Malaysians believe or trust BN in the next general election?
Yes. You can say the Chua-led MCA has dug its political grave since the March 2008 political tsunami. The irony is that Chua and his cronies are not even aware they are now nailing the coffin.
Jackson Ng is a Retired Journalist

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  1. Of course CSL does not know where SJKC Choon Hwa will be relocated to. He is too busy relocating his preferred motel to continue with his tryst and video shoot.