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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

PAS gives Awang Adek a week to explain graft

PAS Youth has given Deputy Finance Minister Awang Adek Hussin a one-week ultimatum to explain allegations of corruption which first emerged in February.

NONE"If Awang Adek remains silent, or the prime minister does not respond, we will take action," the Youth wing's secretary Khairul Faizi Ahmad Kamil (right) said yesterday.

Follow-up action would be announced, and this would include lodging a report with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC).

The allegation was first made by anonymous blogger 'Thewhistleblower711' where Awang Adek was alleged to have abused his position as chairperson of Skim Jejak Jaya Bumiputera (SJJB).

According to the SJJB website, the scheme is to identify capable bumiputera companies and provide them with the ‘last mile assistance' so that they would qualify to become public-listed companies.

Among other allegations, the blog claimed that Awang Adek, had received bribes to approve the extension of maintenance contracts for two government buildings in Johor Baru.

Awang Adek denied any such wrongdoing at a press conference on Dec 21 last year, saying that the money he received was for his charity projects.

"Many companies give donations to fund social programmes for the people of Bachok, my division. I have all the records, of who the money comes from and what it is used for," he had said.

In February, the blogger claimed the deputy minister's denial was merely ‘half-truth' and added that building management company Advanced Maintenance Precision Management Sdn Bhd (AMPMSB)had given the minister RM80,000.

Awang: I have already explained

PAS claimed that the sum was issued to the senator in two cheques dated Dec 6, 2010, the same day the company wrote a letter to him asking SJJB to extend two maintenance contracts to 10 years - from five years at Bangunan Sultan Iskandar and from three years and five months at JB Sentral.

NONE"We have proof that the cheques were issued with the application letter. We believe the money was perceived to be for expediting the process (of being listed)," said Khairul Faizi.

He suggested that if Prime Minister Najib Razak felt that Awang Adek had abused his position, then he should sack the deputy minister.

When contacted for his response through SMS, Awang Adek (left) said: "Malaysiakini had carried the same story last year. I hadexplained in the press conference fully."

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