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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

REPENT, DR M: People are singing 'It's now or never' NOT 'I did it my way'

REPENT, DR M: People are singing 'It's now or never' NOT 'I did it my way'
It is very sad. It is even heart rending. But the TDM still seems adamant with his views and remains indifferent to the swelling grassroots’ disillusionment with his political battles as they now loudly suspect his political intentions.
The Tun who once had millions of rakyat backing him and waging war against not only the home ground political opponents but even with the Brits and Asuies is now left with rising wrath of the citizens.
But he is determined to ride the tsunami and only time will tell how his political coffin is to be nailed.
The horrifying Mahathir-logic
If you sit back and reflect you get a sick feeling in the belly. The more the Tun defends his actions of the past and the thoughts he harbours still for the future of this nation, the more you feel great pity for this man who once held the bastion of premiership for over two solid decades.
His latest long write up in his blog comparing Malaysia to African nations and dispensing his now infamous Mahathir-logic, is drawing so much of attack from the citizens. And that in itself is a horrible sense of loss to this comparably young and blessed nation.
For a man and leader who secured a hundred per cent support for four terms as prime minister, he now is hopelessly struggling to defend his failures.
For a leader who had a population of people who are generally not hostile but respectful, he now stands to be drowned in so much of hatred coming from the same people who gave him the unquestioned mandate to lead.
As an elder citizen and retired statesman today, he could have become the healing balm to a troubled nation. As a leader who was recognized and trusted for two decades to bring solutions and socio-political panacea to the nation and even in the region, he now stands exposed of all his erroneous political orientation.
None of our past prime ministers have been punished so harshly. None of our leaders were condemned as much as this man suffers today.
Repent, Dr M
Of course, TDM must take stock and ask himself in all humility why is this so today. He must admit upfront where he went wrong and instead of fighting saints using the company of shady devils, he must be a contrite elder.
If only the Tun Dr Mahathir can come around one full circle, this nation need not feel the threat of crushed bodies and broken bones. If only he can be humble, lay down his battle armour to have it his and only his way, this nation will be healed with a miracle.
TDM must know now that he must join the rakyat in their war against corruption; in the battle against corrupt giants; in the ardous efforts of returning to society what belongs to all Malaysians.
Maybe it is apt to state that he should have changed his favorite lyrics of “I did it my way” to that of “It’s now or never”, the favorite hit song of his nemesis Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.
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