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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Was White House Intruder A Warning To Obama?

Fence-jumper made it farther in White House than Secret Service let on

The man who scaled the White House fence and was able to run through the front doors made it farther into the building than was previously reported, CBS News has learned.

The man, 42-year-old Omar J. Gonzalez, ran unobstructed for 70 yards across the front lawn of the White House before entering through the North Portico. 

On the way, he brushed by a Secret Service officer with a drawn gun, sources tell CBS News' Bill Plante.

Gonzalez then proceeded to run through the entrance hall to the cross hall of the White House, past the staircase that leads up to the first family's residence. 

He was confronted by a female Secret Service agent, who he overpowered, and made it all the way to the East Room, Rep. Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, told CBS News, citing whistleblowers. 

Gonzalez was brought down by a door leading to the Green Room, a parlor adjacent to the East Room, which is used for formal events including bill signings, press conferences, receptions and ceremonies.

Previously, it was reported that Gonzalez only made it through the north doors of the White House - which were apparently unlocked - before being apprehended by the Secret Service.

The major security breach occurred Sept. 19, just minutes after President Obama, his daughters and one of their friends boarded the presidential helicopter for a weekend getaway to Camp David.

Officials originally argued the reason agents didn't shoot the suspect, Omar Gonzalez, as he sprinted across the lawn or release guard dogs to detain him was because he appeared unarmed.

In fact, he was found carrying a two-and-a-half inch folding knife with a serrated blade and his car reportedly contained 800 rounds of ammunition.

On Sunday, the Washington Post reported that it took agents four days to realize a man had fired bullets that struck the White House in 2011

My comments :  This guy Omar Gonzalez had been caught twice before for possession of arms and maps outlining the White House.  He is an Iraq War veteran.

I think he was clearly upset that the US is letting Iraq (and Syria) just crumble and get taken over by whackos like ISIS. So what was the point of occupying Iraq for 10 years?

Not just this guy but plenty of people are not happy with Obama's policies in the Middle East.

This would also include Obama's policies towards Iran, Gaza, Iraq and Syria.

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