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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Irate passenger records AirAsia staff manhandling luggage

Video clip shows two employees carelessly hurling passengers’ bags and boxes into a waiting loading compartment.
KUCHING: Facebook user Wong Kee Hock has taken to social media to express his disgust at the way baggage handlers of AirAsia threw his luggage around, resulting in some of his belongings ending up broken.
The trainee at Hilton Kuching was shocked at the unprofessional handling of passengers’ baggage before his AK775 flight from Kuching to Singapore took off and decided to record it for the “world to see”.
The 1.39-minute video clip showed two employees at work, with one carelessly hurling passengers’ luggage and boxes into a waiting loading compartment.
Wong, incensed at his broken belongings due to the rough handling, advised fellow passengers to keep any fragile items they were taking on their trips as carry-on luggage instead of checking-in these items and leaving them at the hands of negligent baggage handlers.
“This is how AIR ASIA STAFF THROW the luggage…my thing (sic) are broken..i myself record this for the eyes of world to see.”
“Keep ur (sic) fragile belonging with u better.”
The post, at the time of writing, had been viewed by over 400,000 Facebook users.
One of the irate passenger’s amused friends noted: “Hock, this video whole Malaysia sharing ahh.. Lol.”
With Wong’s intent on gaining widespread attention the reason behind uploading this video, he was quick to reply, saying, “Yup..let these people famous lo…make it Malaysia to international..lol.”
My flight AK 775 from kuching to singapore...this is how AIR ASIA STAFF THROW the lugagge...my thing are broken..i...
Posted by Wong Kee Hock on Wednesday, May 27, 2015

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