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Saturday, September 1, 2018

The Quran "Virus" Spreads

Here is something that has gone viral.

Obviously there are people who dislike Anwar Ibrahim enough to create a banner like the one above.

ABAI is cute and quite ingenious.

ABAI = Anything But Anwar Ibrahim
ABAI = Asalkan Bukan Anwar Ibrahim

And in Malay ABAIKAN means IGNORE.

Some pretty clever thinking has gone into this.

I am more interested in the message above - which I believe has nothing to do with that ABAI banner.

'Those who have been brainwashed with Islamisation that has nothing to do with Islam, need to be reeducated through the true message of the Quran. Read and understand!'

'If the Quran were not risen then all our preaching shall be in vain'

It looks like the Quran will indeed arise again.

To all our Muslims, do take this message to heart. Reclaim your place among good people and among civilised society by giving life to the Quran.

And you must throw out all that which is dubious, fake and hateful.

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