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Monday, August 26, 2019

Anwar Speaking From His Ar_e Hole Again, His "Supporters" Get Liwatted, Again; Dr Mahathir Makes Fun Of Police Investigations

OSTB : So how about Harris Salleh former CM of Sabah? Using the same argument was Harris Salleh really insulting the soldiers? Or was he also just making a provocative remark? What about Koon Yew Yin? Koon is a kapir. 
Kapir semua suka insult.

Anwar supports decision to allow Zakir to stay here
since investigations against him are still ongoing, Berita Harian reported

He added Zakir did not knowingly offend Indian and Chinese 
see his (Dr Zakir’s) statement
he seems consistent
he is quite provocative, maybe a little offensive
I don’t think he deliberately wanted to insult or question position of Chinese Indians

My comments :  After carefully considering these statements I am convinced that Anwar is once again talking through his very loud ar_e hole.

But this is addressed to all the Anwar supporters, especially the Indians and the Chinese. I hope you arseholes are at last feeling stupid enough.

You cannot deny that among the reasons the country is in such a mess is because since 1998 you arseholes decided to support this Grandfather of all Ars_holes. 

Now after 21 years of this ars_hole's stupidity (plus another 15 years before that) many if not most of even his most ardent supporters have abandoned him.   Dont believe me? Here is the news :

This picture is so unclear. Is that guy the semburit fellow? 
It is so unclear. How do you know its him? 
But how do you know its not him?

Even PKR leaders are boycotting Anwar. His closest supporters have not only abandoned him but they have turned against him - they are his biggest enemies now. 

Yes and now the madam too has split - I have heard it from more than one source.  Media should go and check it out. 

He said:

Anwar supports decision to allow Zakir to stay here
since investigations against him are still ongoing, Berita Harian reported

But that is not how Dr Mahathir sounds.  Police investigations completed or not completed, Dr Mahathir says Zakir can stay here. Full stop. 

So what exactly is the purpose of the Police investigation?  Buang masa saja. Perdana Menteri sudah cakap Zakir boleh tinggal di sini. Habis Polis nak investigate apa lagi.

Obviously here the Police are being made fun of. The IGP has already said that the Police have much better things to do than investigate these types of silly cases (referring to semburit). 

But this is even worse Dato IGP. While your boys are wasting time and resources investigating this Zakir fellow, the PM has short circuited you. The PM says Zakir can stay. Now the "I-also-wannabe-PM" is agreeing with the PM.   

Obviously the Police are also being made fun of.   Everything in the country is being undermined just because of one stupid goat from India.

And then they complain : Why dont they show us any respect?   

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