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Monday, August 28, 2017


Image result for PARTI PAS HAS NO MONEY

In the know folks say that PAS is seriously short of funds. The 90 milliom Malaysian pies that was baked specially for the ostard wal retards has gone elsewhere.  Talk is it was more than 90 million pies that were paid to the retards.

By the way here is some news for that UMNO lawyer in Perak who publicly questioned and then threatened himself to sue the Wall Street Journal "by Tuesday".  

It is possible that "the white woman" who runs  The Thingy will be subpoena-ing him to appear in the UK Court proceedings initiated by Jadi Bawang against The Thingy.  The lawyer will be openly grilled in front of the world media.  Better get industrial strength 'ubat cirit birit' now.

Back to PAS, the main reason they are super short of funds is that people are NOT DONATING money into the tin Milo anymore. PAS is now at the bottom of the pits.  

i.  The Harakah newspaper was forced to vacate their premises because the cost of maintaining the rented premises was too high. The Harakah newspaper does not sell anymore.  People use it to line the cat litter box  (tempat kucing berak).

ii.  PAS has converted their main premises in Gombak (Taman Greenwood??) somewhere into a sekolah agama or something.  Also in financial difficulty. The PAS does not have money to pay the teachers  at the school.  

Allahu Azeem ! Allahu Azeem ! The children are saved !

iii.  There is a lot of talk that the late Tin Sadin's son was also a beneficiary of those 90 million Malaysian pies.  He used some of the money to enter business - big scale corporate style. Hear this folks - now bisness dia pun sudah dekat nak bankrap. So damned fast, in double quick time. The retards know as much about bisnes as the GLC idiots.  

PAS is in deep shit.  They are not worried about votes. They will not be getting many votes. 

They are worried about money. He who gives PAS money will be their friend.

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