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Thursday, January 31, 2019

Reclaiming Bangsar South From Kerinci

I believe it was in early December [last year]  when I highlighted that the opening of the new intersection in Pantai Sentral had been delayed by over six months because the Minister could not give a date for his appearance.  

Well soon after that blog post [about three weeks after]  the intersection was indeed officially opened. Hooray to the power of the blogs.

Well a month has gone by now and I have some pictures to show you how drastically traffic has increased and is beginning to change the area. The "area" referring to Jalan Pantai Murni which is the main road that runs for about TWO KILOMETRES from one end of  Bangsar South / Kerinci all the way through Pantai Sentral to the NPE. 

You can see below here traffic piling up at the newly opened intersection. 

Below here was the type of quiet traffic condition that you could see before the intersection was opened. Look at the next picture.

Below here is the traffic situation ever since the intersection was opened in December.  It took a couple of weeks for the public to realise that this intersection saves at least TEN MINUTES travelling time if you wish to exit Bangsar, Eco City, Mid Valley, Bangsar South / Kerinci towards Subang Jaya, Seremban, Sungei Besi etc.  Traffic volume has increased substantially.

Above and below : Heavy traffic flow along Jalan Pantai Murni. 

From being a dead end road, Jalan Pantai Murni has suddenly become the main frontage road connecting Bangsar South / Kerinci to Pantai Sentral and beyond. 

Bangsar South is not an official name. It is actually the name that has been put on a building along Jalan Kerinci by the developers UOA.  But the name stuck. Just like the famous Craven A junction in Penang or the old Rothmans roundabout in PJ.

The people who spread the name around were the property agents because the name Bangsar adds value to properties.  So the whole area is now regarded as Bangsar South.  

But it is not just the name that is adding value.  This whole area is being built up and developed at a rapid clip.  There is easily a few billion Ringgit worth of Class A buildings and high end apartments that have already been built and more are still being built in the area.  Selling prices are RM750 psf  or better for residential units while commercial property is RM1000 psf or better.  

My view is people will not know this place as Kerinci for very long.  
This is a ' cleared for take off ' part of town.  It is taking off as Bangsar South.

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