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Saturday, March 30, 2019

Illegal dump site in Taman Maluri makes residents see red

Too Hing Yeap wants the lllegal dump to be closed.
KUALA LUMPUR: Residents in Taman Maluri want the authorities to close a dump site which they claim has been operating illegally for almost a decade.
Located between Sungai Kerayong and Pandan Jaya, the estimated one-hectare dump site can be seen from the Sungai Besi Express Highway and Ampang line LRT.
One of the residents staying nearby, Too Hing Yeap, 53, claimed the culprit behind the dump site is a former Kuala Lumpur City Hall (DBKL) officer.
“That ex-officer had previously claimed that he was under the protection of the previous KL mayor and no one could take action against his illegally-operated dump site,” he said.
Too said development was supposed to be carried out on the land, but it was instead turned to a domestic waste dump site.
“Initially, a big hole was dug to dump the rubbish but the accumulating rubbish is more than two-storeys high now,” he said.
He said the dumping activities had been going on day and night without any action being taken against them.
He also said a high fence had been erected and the grass left to grow high to hide the dump from the sight of road users using the main road.
Too added that about a dozen trucks carried loads of rubbish every day, using an illegally constructed path.
Too said he had made reports to DBKL against the illegal dumping but no action had been taken.
The dump, which is about two storeys high, is almost hidden from view when seen from the Sungai Besi Express Highway.
He said the land was partially owned by Tenaga Nasional Berhad and a government sports body, and was never gazetted as a dump.
“A few temples were moved to about 100 metres from the dump site and Besraya (the highway operator) promised to build a proper access road for the temple-goers. But nothing happened.”
A nearby resident, who refused to be named, said the smell coming from the site was really unpleasant, especially when it rains.
The resident also claimed many immigrants had built their huts near the site.

“They try to steal electricity and water from the nearby temples by installing illegal extensions,” said the resident. - FMT

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