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10 APRIL 2024

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Yoursay: What next, Mastura? Ban the Internet, too?

YOURSAY | ‘We don’t need politicians to dictate what we should watch.’
FairMalaysian: There is something very wrong in this argument. The correct way of saying this will be: Educate yourself and your children and stop dictating your beliefs to others.
In a borderless world, and as a father, I am as concerned as Kuala Kangsar MP Mastura Mohd Yazid is, but I also know that there is so much children know about the "other world" that I am not able to decipher simply because of the lack of knowledge, or nowhere near the knowledge, that my children have on "computers" and hence Internet.
But I can vouch that despite my children being exposed to technology at a young age, they have kept away from Facebook, computer games, etc.
We can't do everything, but there is something that parents can do even today. A lot of my friends promise "handphones" if their children pass examinations, for instance. So, who are the culprits here?
You can go on talking about the good of handphones, but at this age, attracted to what is happening around them and the lack of understanding can submerge them in a world that is beyond this MP's comprehension.
A lot of things are happening in this digital arena and if she believes in censoring content, the way she is talking can be best described as being "naive".
Just because of this one MP, Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo will do a disservice to the values of upbringing by parents and their school environment.
Would it mean then that she has not been an able and good mother to instil good values in her children, and she speaks as she does now just goes to show she wants to hide her failures?
Or does it show the failure of our education system to inculcate noble values despite the religious and moral studies our children are subjected to?
Neo-Public Transport Authority: Our general adult population is a fully consenting one, understands what sex is, and does not need religious dogma to dictate our private life.
There is no “distress”, only distress caused by politicians to further their political agenda to suppress sex scenes and the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community.
Oxymoronictendencies: This sounds like a political exercise in distraction.
If people find Netflix content of concern, they don’t need to watch those programmes and films that they find “of concern”. Others may not find the content “of concern”. It’s a matter of freedom for the individual to choose.
The prudes, of which Mastura is clearly one, need to join the real world and leave their colonial era bigotry behind. Their political distractions are just that; and will go nowhere.
Malaysians have moved past the endless self-righteous spin from BN and PAS. People in glass houses should not throw stones.
BN and PAS are so hypocritical and corrupted, their holier than thou proclamations are tissue thin and solely meant to distract.
Perhaps this LGBT and Netflix bashing is to distract Malaysians from the imminent trial of their “bossku” now that he and his cohort lawyer Muhammad Shafee Abdullah have seemingly run out of delaying strategies. Please save us from these bigots.
Gerard Lourdesamy: If you don't like the content, no need to subscribe to Netflix. Simple as that.
No need to impose your values on the rest of us. Has this woman opened her mouth about underage marriages? No. That is a more pressing issue rather than sex scenes and LGBT.
Asitis: Ban the Internet, if you are so afraid. Cut off all communications and isolate Malaysia from the rest of the world.
When Malaysia is safely under the ‘tempurung’ (coconut shell), your fragile mind will be at ease.
Lodestar: Brunei is now scheduled to introduce stoning for adultery and homosexual activity. Will the Umno-PAS alliance eventually take us down that path if they come to power?
Don't point to Kelantan and say that did not happen in the 30 years of PAS rule. That's because there is a limit to how states can implement syariah law without the support of the federal government.
We need to be very worried about the Umno-PAS alliance.
One Humanity: Umno and PAS politicians are always fixated on issues such as sex, LGBT, women's attire, and other ‘haram’ (sinful) trivialities.
Show some concern about the corruption in our country, for starters. Support the prosecution of Najib instead of opposing it.
Gungadin: Thank you, Mastura, for your concern about my welfare. But I am perfectly able to decide for myself what I want to watch.
Anonymous 770241447347646: As much censorship ideas we can come up with, we will not be able to fully control the screening of pornography or even movies with sex scenes.
As a private enterprise, the bottom line is profits. Netflix may lose certain numbers of clients if their movies are censored.
There should be other ways to control children from watching movies that suggest certain scenes will be displayed.
Malaysians have to be more mature in their thinking. We cannot keep on censoring everything or scene we think will influence their thinking.
CH Y: Actually, the only constructive way to deal with dialogue and feedback is to voice it in a multiracial and multireligious chat group. That way, only realistic and small steps can be taken.
Would we voice our views the way we post if all our Malay friends are in this group? Sometimes I wonder what they are thinking when we think that they are not progressive, held back by their religious interpretation, fear of competition, etc.
Anyway, a multiracial party is the best way forward and I think Pakatan Harapan, being multiracial, can quietly lobby behind the scenes and voice different opinions. - Mkini

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