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10 APRIL 2024

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Royalty Less 10% ??

Here is some interesting news. HRH The Sultan Of Johor is venturing into the supermarket business..

Sultan of Johor announced plans to open supermarket in the state 
Sultan Ibrahim revealed he plans to cooperate with major supermarket 

the supermarket will sell essential goods at lower prices compared to others

This supermarket has given assurance it can sell items 10% lower 
and at the same time, maintain its quality," he said. 
will enable people to obtain essentials at affordable prices, he added

More info on the supermarket will be unveiled in near future

My comments :  May I be the first to congratulate HRH The Sultan. All the best success to you Tuanku.

The Sultan is already doing promotion for his supermarket by giving an assurance that his supermarket will sell essential goods at prices that are 10% lower compared to other supermarkets. Indeed that is a brave and fantastic assurance. 

That will really kick start the competition in the supermarket industry. 

However here is a comment in Malaysiakini (which also carried the story) written by Dato Ameer Ali Mydin the Boss of the Mydin Hypermarkets.

Well,  welcome to competition.  When one potential supermarket operator promises 10% lower prices another supermarket says 'Put your money where your mouth is' and "Make a written undertaking that you will lower your prices by 10% compared to a Mydin outlet in Johor Bharu."

So back to HRH The Sultan. Can you give a written undertaking that your prices will be 10% lower?

Some people may say that the Royals should not get into business and politics. They should remain 'above the fray' and just focus on being Royals.

My view is the Royalty has to make a living too. If they wish to open supermarkets, open factories etc go ahead. Why not?

To me it is laudable that HRH The Sultan wishes to embark on a legitimate business. I really hope he will open his supermarket and do the things that he would like to do. 

The only provisos are these.

1. This is business. Please do not expect any special privileges that may accrue to the Royalty in their other official roles as Royals.

2. When you get into business please compete on an equal footing with every other business. Every business has to make a sale, earn a Ringgit, pay the rents, pay the workers, pay the suppliers, creditors etc. 

3. No pulling cables, no pulling rank, no appeal to Royal insignias and other paraphernalia. Compete on an equal footing.

The same with politics. If you wish to get into politics, then give up the Royal privileges and get down to earth as an ordinary citizen politician.

My advice is get into business.


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