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Monday, December 30, 2019

Its Been A Lousy Year, Next Year Will Be Worse, Dr Mahathir Should Resign; The Two Mountaineers Should Just Disappear, We Must Make A New Start.

Well the dumbest  sh_t  _ _ _ k is that five foot monkey in education. 
The entire Bersatu crowd should just disband and go away. 

I just heard more things that will make you want to throw up again. 
But its inside info, from friends, so I have to keep it bottled up. 

Someone asked 'So who do we have to replace Dr M?' 

The people who ask this are actually using reverse psychology : what they mean is "since there is no replacement for Dr Mahathir then lets just stick with him."

These are the vested interests. 
Those who have money and projects involved. 
They do not have the country's interests at heart at all. 

First things first - Dr Mahathir has to resign and go. 
Please be gone. 
He has lost his grounding almost completely. 

The longer Dr Mahathir stays as PM, the more the Malays are becoming poorer. 
Yes - I am talking about the Malays. 
The Number 1 problem in the country. 
Or with the most number of problems in the country. 
Real problems. Serious problems. 
Nothing useful is being done to help them.

Tuan-tuan, dulu bila sudah habis periksa SPM, anak-anak muda akan hijrah ke pekan dan bandar (especially ke KL) untuk mencari kerja, cari peluang hidup baru. 

Sekarang di pekan, bandar dan KL pun sudah tidak ada atau sangat kurang peluang hidup. So they just stay at home with nothing to do and become a burden on their aging parents.

Mereka menjadi bebanan kepada ibu bapa yang makin usia dan mereka menjadi beban kepada masyarakat setempat. 

Kes dadah, pil ecstasy, maksiat, perbuatan songsang, salah laku semua bertambah.  Weird behaviour is increasing.  

No one seems to really care - other than ME OutSyed The Box !!
I keep harping about this. 

The politicians care?  The Ministers care?  
Go and get your head examined. 

Back to Dr Mahathir - he has to go.  
Who replaces him? 

Lets clear more cobwebs first ok?

That wannabe should have been taken out with the trash ages ago. 
It has not happened because there are so many trashy folks in the country. 

So should the semburit guy. He has to go as well.   He has proven his incompetence, plus a few other things as well. 

Ok folks, here I am voicing my opinion. Its still a free country ok.
You may or may not agree. Itu hangpa punya pasal. 

So what do we do? 
Well, there is really nothing to be done.

We have a process in this country. It has worked very well. 
Whoever controls the support of the majority in Parliament shall form a government. It is as simple as that.

If Dr Mahathir still controls majority support in Parliament then we cannot challenge that process.

If Dr M gets to remain in power then go ahead. 
Burn the country down.

Who shall  be our next PM? 

The solution is very simple. 
The solution lies with us - with you and me. 

And here is the solution. Just start looking beyond Dr Mahathir, brader, semburit, even beyond Muhyiddin, plus a few others - the old names, the decrepits, the crooked wannabes, the proven crooks etc.  

This is a democracy. Just make your voice heard - "we do not want you". 

The easiest thing now is clearly reject those people that we do not want. 
Just forget about BOTH the angels and the devils who have failed.
And then start looking earnestly for someone else, someone completely new. 

Here is the problem - the problem lies with you. 
Some of you think that there are only the few who can lead this country.
This is where the mistake lies. 
This is where YOU are making a huge mistake. 
So the real cause of the problem is YOU, YOU and YOU alone.

Just start fresh and anew.
Have more faith in ourselves. 

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