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Sunday, August 30, 2020

Slim Results - Dr Mahathir Loses (Big Time) His SEVENTH By Election In A Row, PETAI Becomes Still Born.

Ok the results are in for the Slim By Election. Here is The Star :
TANJUNG MALIM: BN won Slim by-election with landslide victory
Election Commission announced official results 
BN candidate polled 13,060 votes
independent had 2,115 votes 
BN won with 10,945-vote majority
327 spoilt votes, voter turnout 68.4%
23,000 voters in Slim state constituency
My comments :
I count this as Dr Mahathir's SEVENTH By Election loss.
This is as bad as Tanjong Piai where Dr Mahathir lost by over 15,000 votes.
The total votes cast in Slim was 15,778 votes.
Of which Dr Mahathir's PETAI candidate got only 2,115 votes or 13%.
Now here is the worst part. Dr Mahathir lost to these bunch of bab**ns.
Including that one idiot who is not wearing a face mask in public.

The BN won in ALL the 13 polling districts. Here is Malaysiakini : 
significant number of Chinese, Indians who voted against BN in 2018 have reversed 
very apparent in Indian-majority Ladang Sungkai where Indian voters 83.56% 
2018, 70.35% voters in this district backed Pakatan Harapan 
This time around, 68.26% voters backed BN 
Sungai Slim Utara voting district suggest similar swing by Chinese voters
Sungai Slim Utara BN won only 17.85% in 2018
This time BN bagged 61.28% 
massive turnaround in Chinese-majority (60.85%) district
BN "turnaround" in 6 districts that did not support them in 2018 elections
significant swing towards BN among townsfolk across all three major races

My comments :
I think there is no need for Dr Mahathir to waste time registering PETAI.
The people have spoken. For the SEVENTH By Election now, they do not agree with him (or his new party).
I dont agree with the outcome in Slim but you cannot deny the choice made by those 13,060 voters who voted for the BN.  It is how the public sees their future.
Plus the BN has mellowed a lot after losing the 2018 General Elections. The people have been fooled again.
Isnt there anyone who will say the right things and do the right things and still win the majority votes of the people?

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