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Saturday, October 31, 2020

ESScom intensifies land patrol to curb illegal immigrants

 Security forces carrying out ‘Ops Cegah Pati (OCP) Daratan’ patrol in Kalabakan. ― Borneo Post pic

Security forces carrying out ‘Ops Cegah Pati (OCP) Daratan’ patrol in Kalabakan. ― Borneo Post pic

KALABAKAN, Oct 31 ― The Eastern Sabah Security Command (ESScom) continues to intensify patrols to curb the entry of illegal immigrants (PTI) by land through “Op Cegah Pati (OCP) Daratan”.

ESScom Commander, DCP Datuk Ahmad Fuad, said the OCP Daratan patrol team, which was activated in April in the Kalabakan area, had expanded its patrol responsibility area to the coastal area of Wakuba hotspot in Tawau.

He said the OCP Daratan operation is beginning to show the results of its success in controlling the entry of illegal immigrants and smuggling of contraband items into the area.

“The success of ESScom’s OCP Daratan can be seen through the lack of illegal hawkers (PTI) in the PTI hotspot area.

“Apart from that, the success of the operation can also be seen through the lack of supply and sale of contraband cigarettes which ultimately affects the sharp rise in prices on the goods,” he said in a statement here yesterday.

According to Ahmad, ESScom in collaboration with all enforcement agencies in the OCP Daratan consisting of the General Operations Force (GOF) and the Malaysian Armed Forces (ATM) would continue to tighten controls at the coastal border to curb the entry of illegal immigrants, especially in the Sebatik island area which is about 8-10-minutes distant to enter Tawau district.

In terms of strengthening the patrol team, he said in the Kalabakan area, ESScom has military posts under the “Op Gasak” and six ATM points that help the ESScom team control and monitor the “rat trails” for more than 200km from Tawau to the Kalabakan border.

“ESScom also takes into account other threats from militant groups such as threats from kidnapping for ransom group (KFRG) including threats from Abu Sayyaf groups who are always looking for space and opportunities to commit crimes in our country’s waters, especially on the east coast of Sabah.

“The ESScom’s Intelligence Team will continue to monitor and scrutinise the movement information and activities of this group and we will always work with security forces from neighbouring countries to exchange intelligence information in our efforts to control and curb the entry of these groups,” he said.

“Our focus is indeed to curb the spread of Covid-19 epidemic, but at the same time taking into account other threats.”

Ahmad expressed confidence that the security of Sabah’s east coast waters is still under control and ESScom with the cooperation of all existing security agencies always takes appropriate and planned measures to ensure the level of security in Eastern Sabah Security Zone waters is always at a controlled level.

“There is nothing to worry about, all operating areas are under control and we will always be prepared to face any eventuality,” he said. ― Borneo Post

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