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Saturday, October 31, 2020

YOURSAY | Only way out is for Harapan to prep for GE15


YOURSAY | ‘Just let them fight each other - the negative repercussions will anger the rakyat.’

Najib: Support for Anwar only if it doesn't involve DAP

Pua says Najib-backed govt can 'go to hell', but Amanah veep says not wrong

FairMalaysian: Former prime minister Najib Abdul Razak, please look around. Do we look like fools? And PKR president Anwar Ibrahim would be the most foolish person on earth if he was to strike a chord with Umno without the DAP.

Yes, there are differences among the Pakatan Harapan parties but not serious enough to part ways. Look at how Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin is at the beck and call of Umno. I wonder whether he has a single night of peaceful sleep.

This is Umno's way of breaking up Harapan. What and why Anwar did what he did I am not sure, but what I am very sure and clear of is that it has sent the Perikatan Nasional (PN) parties scrambling for cover and it is like a daily affair of pinching themselves to determine what is real and what is not.

No matter what they say about Anwar, he is a genius. I am quite sure Anwar would not be that foolish to be baited by someone from a bygone era.

Moreover, Umno had not reformed, and quite frankly it is simply not capable of reforming itself. It is too deeply steeped in a feudal-like warlord culture and the earth has to be flattened before they will ever give up the cosy and easy life that they "earned" during the "heavenly" Umno years.

So, is it a wonder for a party that has been dictating the political landscape for 60 years now to be struck a blow, hard enough for it to be disorientated?

It is now rudderless and if it continues with its wayward ways, it will be what former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad once said - the inevitable bowing out or being forced out. I wish to be kinder in my words than Mahathir. What is shocking though is the reckless manner in which they believe that everything would work out.

The future of Umno is fraught with uncertainties. What was to be a nought party has received some oxygen from the continual bickering among the Malay parties that came together to “save” the Malays but I doubt even the Malays will believe that anymore.

Pejuang was a written-off entity (not registered as a party) even before it began until all this unsettling "unity" among the coalition partners of PN (or Muafakat Nasional) defaced themselves. Now, it looks like Pejuang may have a new lease on life after all. In their greed for grabbing everything, Bersatu stands to lose everything.

Harapan should remain at the sidelines and quietly watch the fun - by the end of this year, it will be a no-holds-barred "tinju" (boxing) where they will ruin themselves. I am not joking, that's what the stars are telling me.

I’m told about the dramatic events of late October/early November and it is happening but has not yet ended. When there is greed, dishonesty and insincerity, even gods won't help.

Let us see at the end of the day who has the last laugh. You think our recalcitrant politicians will ever learn and change? It has to be forced.

IndigoKucing8924: No DAP, Najib? That’s because you lot are absolutely terrified by a DAP oversight on your corrupt shenanigans and thieving.

Yes, one doesn’t like one’s sticky fingers caught in the till. One doesn’t like being told the country’s coffers aren’t your personal piggy bank. One doesn’t like it pointed out that the Constitution doesn’t confer on anyone an apartheid-type of entitlement.

Yes, the DAP ministers did their work meticulously, almost Singapore-like. Unfortunately, the DAP could not wear the robes of power with equal humility. DAP leader Lim Guan Eng should have stopped wailing like a banshee at everything Umno/BN. Why?

Because you have stifled talent in your own kind. Plum political positions with fat paycheques anointed on some who probably would be jobless otherwise. You didn’t like being shown up to be less than mediocre.

It’s jealousy... can’t you see it? We would be paying for the fiscal tragedies for generations, if not pursued by Damansara MP Tony Pua. Clever lad but can come across as contemptuously arrogant.

One particular sector of society would be poorer than church mice. They are still voting in those grotesque fat cats espousing race and religion while the country slides down the banana highway to oblivion. Our best and brainiest would have long gone.

MoonMan54: Didn't the DAP hold hands with Mahathir (the reason why this country is in this state), its arch-enemy?

Yet, after all the backdooring and backstabbing that has happened to Anwar and Harapan, Anwar remains relentless in trying to take the mismanaged government back and lead it out of the misery it continues to face.

That said, Anwar must have good Malaysians to support him, most importantly the Malays themselves. For that to happen he, too, is willing to sleep with enemies, like the old man in 2018.

My bet is that Anwar is a safer human being than Mahathir. Anwar may never be prime minister as long as these undercurrents exist and certainly, Najib is not among these undercurrents for he is already convicted with a jail sentence over his head.

I also believe that Najib's hate for the DAP is more personal than political, which is not the 'same' hate he has for the old man. But, his 'good' influence among Malaysians remains intact and can help Malaysia back on track to a better Malaysia for all.

DAP is a strong and well-managed party, but it can only be strong in Penang, maybe. And Penang alone cannot determine Malaysia's future, unless it rebrands itself to serve Malaysians of all walks of life, at least in Peninsular Malaysia.

Anwar can, and he must be supported in every way we can as Malaysians... the way we did in 2018.

YellowKancil0052: I agree with Pua. Any cooperation with Najib in particular must be off the table. Najib, son of Razak, is the biggest traitor in the history of the country. It is amazing he is still not put in prison where he belongs.

It is doubly amazing that Umno still keeps him in their ranks. Already convicted for a heinous crime, why do they still want to count him as a ranked member?

Bewise: I agree with Pua too. Big lesson learnt after having held hands with the old man. If the Peninsular mainland wants to emulate Sabah and vote out the DAP, then the mainlanders deserve the mess they are in now.

How can Penang determine the mainland's future? The DAP is just trying their best to make Malaysia a better place for our future generations. It is all about choices. Penang has chosen the DAP to run their state, and it is very well run, thank you.

Penangites are very grateful and will definitely vote them in again, come the next general election. So, the "reflect and learn" lesson basically applies to the voters of the Peninsular mainland. Like Sabah, you make your bed and you lie in it.

Bobby0: What do you prefer then, Pua? A present administration with a combination of Umno, Bersatu and PAS which is leading the nation downhill and surely towards failure? Or at least a combination of PKR, Amanah, Warisan, Umno and maybe the DAP which might at least give some hope to this nation?

We have to put this nation at least on a safe track. Now it is heading in a directionless path. At least Najib would not have full control over the nation.

Anwar can start putting laws in place, professionals to take care of GLCs (government-linked companies), put the MACC and PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) answerable to Parliament, the education system in the right direction, and many more changes that will at least put this nation on the mend.

Sometimes, the situation may not be perfect, but we have to make the best out of every situation. Now, it is darkness after darkness in this nation. At least, let a little light shine through.

MS: Najib has always been a practical man. And a practical man knows what is in his best interest at all times.

Practical men eschew principles which distil abstractions like right and wrong. Practical men also know when to bend (or stoop for that matter) because their sights are always set on the final prize. The end always justifies the means. Practical men are also political in all they say and do. And politics as we know is the lifeblood of this country.

As opposed to practical men, we have principled men - hardened by their beliefs, stiffened, uncompromising, fanatical even. They like to see themselves as superior, willing to die for their beliefs. Martyrdom is a thing for them.

Principled men are usually angry men, continually taking positions, defending them vociferously. Their minds, once closed, remain shut. Their thoughts constipated. They are always unyielding. Compromise is a filthy word, a vulgarism which cannot be uttered in their presence.

And then we have this simmering cauldron called Malaysia with fires being lit ever so often by serial arsonists who enjoy seeing the flames dance. It makes them feel powerful both when they light the fires and especially when they ride in with hoses to douse them. Create the problem and then offer the solution. These men are neither principled nor practical. They just want to have fun and make something by the side.

The country in its present state needs practical leaders who will do rather than preach or chant. That does not in any way mean the transgressions of practical leaders be forgotten. The laws that bind should run their course... both as a matter of principle and practice.

The year 2018 saw the re-emergence (after 1969) of the politics of convenience and compromise in an under-developed state. It did not possess the sophistication required and so was torn between principled and practical men... and the arsonists lurking in the vicinity. We know what happened then and how it all ended to bring us where we are today.

If lessons were learnt then, they should serve us well now. If not, we shall go through the cycle again - as F Scott Fitzgerald put it - moving against the current would bear us ceaselessly into the past.

Undecided: By now, Anwar should realise that all Najib and Umno president Ahmad Zahid Hamidi are interested in is to lure PKR out of the Harapan Plus coalition and wait for the next general election. It is all about Umno's future survival and eventual comeback to real power.

Leaders in both Umno and Bersatu are like poisonous snakes. Just let them fight each other until the next GE - the negative repercussions will anger the rakyat.

In the meantime, unite the opposition forces and focus on a good strategy for GE15 to win back the government. - Mkini

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