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Saturday, July 31, 2021

The Tokyo Olympics Powers On - Without Spectators


Folks there is a Summer Olympics Games going on in Tokyo. There are no spectators allowed. Or a few for some events.

The second Tokyo Olympics run from 23 July to 8th August 2021. Since its 31st July today, there are eight more days of the Olympics.  

Here is the medal tally thus far. China was leading. Then the Japanese got ahead for a day or two. But now China is back. China is leading the medal tally again (as at this morning) with 19 gold and a total tally of 40 medals :

Here is a historical medal tally for China in the last three Summer Olympic Games  "

  • 2008 Beijing Olympics, China ranked 1st   with 48 Gold,  total 100 medals.
  • 2012 London Olympics, China ranked 2nd with  38 Gold total 91 medals.
  • 2016 Rio de Janeiro Olympics, China ranked 3rd, with 26 Gold, total 70 medals.

If China keeps dominating the Olympics like this I think the Mat Salleh countries may get tired of participating in the future.   

This time around, Malaysia should count one Gold medal under the "helped to win" category.  Spanish Fly Guy said he helped that girl who won that gold medal.  We are on our way to becoming a global sports super power. 

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