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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Turmoil In Iran Again, 10 Protesters Shot Dead Thus Far

 Iran is in turmoil again. Massive street protests have broken out all over the country. The last big protests were in 2019 where 1,500 people were shot dead by Iranian security forces. 

The new president Raisi takes over his new office in August 2021 - tomorrow.

In this round of protests so far 10 have been shot dead. Iran has a population of over 85 million people. Here is a YouTube video followed by some news reports (from Middle East sources).


this round of protests may differ from previous ones 

question of the continued existence of the clerical regime in Iran

electricity cut off due to energy savings 

Iran experiencing significant wave of unrest

Protests began July 15 in southwestern Khuzestan 

scarcity of water in recent months, led to deaths among livestock 

lack of water also causing breakdown in electricity and frequent blackouts.

protests spread in Isfahan, Karaj, Kermanshah and Tabriz.

On Monday unrest reached Iranian capital Tehran 

demonstrators chanting against regime. 

“Death to the dictator,” “Khamenei, shame on you” “No Gaza, no Lebanon"

protesters chanted slogans in favor of Reza Shah founder of Pahlavi dynasty 

authorities reacted with predictable harshness

Internet reception blocked in Khuzestan

Ten so far reported killed

In late 2019, 1,500 killed

90% of Iran’s water used by agricultural sector

main crops grown are rice and sugarcane, require large amounts of water.

Overexploitation of water resources for decades 

absence of coherent national strategy for water

growing salinity in considerable parts of Iran’s south

causing water shortages 

clumsy and unsuccessful state policy  fomenting unrest 

lack of credible alternative to clerics and IRGC.

wholesale and thorough rejection of system spreading 

Iran inability to create social and economic life for population

may well prove fatal to regime

unrest, and crackdown are continuing

My comments :

I have said this before.  If you buy a pair of shoes of the wrong size you will know immediately that it is uncomfortable. You can fix the problem immediately.

You implement the wrong education policy it will take 30 years before you know your university graduates are unemployable. Or that there is no innovation and competitiveness in your economy.

You implement the wrong economic policy it will take 30-50 years before you know your economy is doomed. 

The Iranians picked the Ayatollahs in 1979 - 42 long years ago -  and they have been suffering ever since. When you make big mistakes like these, entire generations will suffer. 

The 2019 protests saw over 1,500 Iranians get killed by their security forces. The protests never really stopped. The complaints are the same - no freedom, no money, no jobs, no future, now no water and no electricity. They will shoot the people and quell the protests. But the protesters will keep coming back.  The Army will eventually turn against the Ayatollahs. It always happens.

The views expressed are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect those of MMKtT.

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