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10 APRIL 2024

Saturday, October 30, 2021

Budget "Hidangan Duit Rakyat" 2022 : How Nice To Be A Kaum 'OKU' (Dwi-bahasa, Must Read)

 Well first of all salute to my good friends Dato Zaid Ibrahim and Dato Tawfik Tun Dr Ismail who always say the right things. Zaid said :

Former law minister Zaid Ibrahim remarked it is “nice” to be a Bumiputera or a civil servant, noting the billions in allocations and perks provided.

RM11.4b for Bumiputera, of which RM6.6b for Bumi education, RM4.8b for capacity-building, RM100m for Bumi SMEs in aerospace industry.

“Nice to be Bumiputeras… billions set aside,” noted Zaid 

“(This) must be the only country in the world where (the) Budget is race-specific,” he said.

He added that it was also “nice” to be a civil servant since they were “always getting cash handouts” during budget announcements and Hari Raya.

1.3m civil servants to receive RM1.3b special one-off aid of RM700 each 

RM350 payment to one million retirees, five additional days of unrecorded leave 

2% interest rate on loans for buying computers and smartphones.

OSTB : Woi kaum OKU dapat cuti tambahan FIVE DAYS leave!! Lepas itu dapat duit tambahan lagi. Work less get paid more. OKU betul-lah kau orang ini.

Well bro that is the kaum OKU. While the rest of the country is suffering they still take taxpayers funds and AGIH the people's money to themselves. Makan duit orang lepas itu boleh marah orang lagi. Banyak cantik. Yo OKUs, please learn to say thank you ok.

Tawfik Tun Ismail raised the issue of the billions being given to the ostards and the lebais. 

  • extra RM100m in a RM1.5b budget for Islam has raised eyebrows
  • far too much given religious authorities’ lack of a track record
  • too much money for them” said Tawfik Ismail 
  • unclear where all the money would end up 

OSTB : Hari itu timbalan menteri agama macam nak menangis merayu kepada Media tolong jangan sensasikan kes ostard terlibat jenayah seks. Lepas itu kita baca kes guru dan ustazah sekolah raba peha dan seluar dalam pelajar wanita nak check ada haid atau tidak !! Hari itu depa gerakkan lebih 100 gurka lebai untuk pi tangkap seorang lelaki transgender - depa tak ada kerja lain. Kes buang bayi timbul balik. Kes rogol, cerai, ibu tunggal, hisap dadah, ketagih daun ketum semua masih meningkat. Yang baru pula remaja "berbasikal tengah malam" ikut style kuda liar. 

Jadi kaum ostard dan lebai tidak dapat bendung atau kurangkan keruntuhan moral dan akhlak dalam masyarakat kita.  Lebai dan ostard tidak memberi sumbangan sekecil tahi cicak pun untuk membasmi rasuah dalam negara kita. Sebaliknya parti lebai ambil duit RM90 juta tanpa malu, segan atau peduli bahawa duit itu adalah duit curi 1MDB.  Jelas sekali Budget RM1.5b ini tujuannya untuk beli undi geng lebai dan ostard. Itu saja. Bukan sebab mereka ini memberi sumbangan kecil atau besar pun.

Anyway kita lihat lah Budget 2022 ini. Lets look at some facts about the Budget.

First off, the 2022 Budget is RM332 billion. Government revenue is only RM234b.

Putrajaya said it expects to receive RM234 billion in federal revenue to fund the RM332 billion Budget.

This means the government must borrow RM98 billion or about 30% to cover the Budget shortfall.  

Kerajaan kena pinjam duit lagi. Kerajaan akan terpaksa pinjam hampir RM100 bilion !!  (I say, I say, hutang Bajet tahun 2021 sudah bayar balik kah? Tahun 2021 pun kerajaan pinjam berpuluh bilion Ringgit. Sekarang Bajet tahun 2022 kena pinjam RM100 bilion lagi. Pinjam, pinjam, pinjam.)

Tuan-Tuan the government's tax collection (income tax 35.7%, other direct tax 2.6%, indirect tax 13.3%) totals 51.6% or RM171 billion only of the RM332b Budget. 

Jadi Tuan-Tuan, the tax collection in the country is not enough.  Pungutan cukai oleh Kerajaan kita tidak cukup.   


Tuan-tuan, kalau Kerajaan nak kutip cukai bisnes mesti jalan. Mesti ada kilang baru, supermarket baru, ladang baru, perniagaan baru, perusahaan baru, hotel baru. Ekonomi mesti berjalan baik dan lancar. And most importantly mesti ada RE-INVESTMENT atau penambahan pelaburan oleh bisnes dan perniagaan yang sedia ada. Hotel perlu buat renovation menambah bilik, kilang lama mesti beli mesin baru, restoran nasi kandar mesti buka cawangan baru, kawasan durian mesti bertambah dsbnya.  

Dan ekonomi mesti berjalan dengan menggunakan duit businessman sendiri. Duit depa. Bukan dengan menggunakan duit bapak kita.  

Masalahnya businessman yang sudah ready untuk buka bisnes dengan guna duit bapak dia sendiri dihalang pula. Lazimnya mereka dihalang Ikut dasar agama, bangsa dan bulu roma.  Jadi bila bisnes depa dihalang, maka hasil tak jadi, jualan tak ada, untung pun tak jadi. Maka kutipan cukai oleh Kerajaan pun tak jadilah. 

Sebaliknya kaum OKU pula diberi duit bapak kita untuk mulakan bisness mereka pula. Lepas itu bila depa bankrap, depa minta duit bapak kita lagi untuk bailout kebodohan mereka. 

Jadi kutipan cukai oleh Kerajaan selalu tak cukup. Sebab itu setiap tahun Kerajaan terpaksa pinjam berpuluh bilion Ringgit. 

Bila kita tebang pokok durian yang sudah berbuah, kalau kita paksa syarikat lojistik jual 51% SAHAM KEPADA BUMIPUTERA, kalau kita halang peluang perniagaan ikut agama, bangsa dan bulu roma, kalau kita halang peluang masuk universiti, atau peluang pekerjaan dan kerjaya (doktor, akauntan, lawyer, arkitek, land surveyor dsbnya) ikut bangsa, agama dan bulu roma maka kutipan cukai kerajaan pasti akan kurang dan makin berkurangan.  


Sebab buah durian tak jadi, syarikat lojistik fed up, orang yang ada bakat dan minat nak jadi doktor, specialist atau lawyer semua tak dapat peluang. Semua kena control. Maka kutipan cukai kerajaan pun akan berkurangan. 

Ok to kill the beast, here are some points that have been highlighted and my comments :

  • “Cukai Makmur” ― windfall tax for “high-income firms”
  • threshold of RM100 million taxable income 

This is from that stupid idea to tax the rubber glove manufacturers because of excess profits. Listen to this carefully : NEVER PUNISH THE RICH WHEN THEY EARN THEIR MONEY THROUGH HONEST HARD WORK.

If you punish the rich with extra taxes then why should they work hard? 
Why should they build new factories, why should they export more, why should they create new jobs? 
Just so that they can pay more taxes to the government? 

Yes there are not many companies in Malaysia with RM100 million taxable income but those companies that do earn more than RM100 million, especially the foreign companies will NOT WANT TO INVEST IN MALAYSIA !!  Did you think about that? 


no Real Property Gains Tax (RPGT) for disposals from the sixth year onwards

OSTB :  Woi  - so if someone sells their property BEFORE SIX YEARS what is the RPGT? Ok lah no RPGT after SIX LONG YEARS. But what if I have to sell my property before SIX YEARS?  How many pounds of flesh do I have to pay?

May I suggest a simpler, longer term solution - just impose a flat rate 5% RPGT on ALL property sales.  Keep it simple. Instead of this year no RPGT, next year there is RPGT, then the following year no RPGT after six years bla bla.

There is a reason for this. If you impose high RPGT you kill the secondary market (re-sellling houses and property). This will also kill the primary sector (new property development). 

But if then there is no RPGT or a very small RPGT then the secondary market will speed up. This will also speed up new developments and new construction. More business, more activity, more tax collection for the government. 


sales tax on goods not exceeding RM500 from abroad sold online and imported through air courier service 


  • RM233.5 billion allocated for operating expenditure 
  • RM75.6 billion allocated for development expenditure 

OSTB: Operating expenditure (termasuk bayar gaji dan pencen Penjawat Awam) is 70% of the Budget. Only 30% is for development.

• JaminKerja initiatives to create 600,000 job opportunities with RM4.8 billion allocation

OSTB: This is a wage subsidy program. Sabsidi gaji. Tapi jangan pula nak bayar sabsidi gaji kepada syarikat GLC pula ok? Use this money to give subsidies to companies with larger workforce, export oriented companies (to help them survive and keep exporting to earn foreign exchange). Not to bail out your crony GLC.

• PTPTN borrowers to get 10-15% discounts, depending on chosen repayment option

OSTB:  What about those students who have paid back their PTPTN loans in full or are still paying on time? What do they get? I agree - this is rewarding those who have failed to pay. This is rewarding the kaum OKU again.  

• RM400 million allocation for Supplementary Meal Plan (RMT) to ensure students get adequate daily nutrition

• Daily milk program for poor students to be continued with RM400 million allocation

OSTB : Minum susu RM400 juta? Who is the milk supplier?  Dulu ada kes nasi basi, kobis rebus dengan air masin type of meals, minum sus sakit perut. This is RM800 million to buy votes. 

• Income tax exemptions for winners of eligible e-sports championships

OSTB : e-sports?? What the hell is that? What about other sports like badminton? Football? Cycling? Hockey? Swimming? You know - real sports.

• Special tax exemption for building/commercial unit owners who give at least 30% rental discount

OSTB : This was my idea. 

• 600,000 undergraduates from B40 families to get one tablet each, involving allocation of RM450 million

OSTB : 600,000 tablets ?? RM450 million? That is more than the production of a tablet factory in one year. So who is the lucky supplier? What is the lucky supplier's cost of buying the tablets? If they buy 600,000 tablets in bulk surely they must get a huge discount. Untung besar lah tu. How soon will they deliver these tablets. Please do not distibute the tablets ikut bangsa, agama dan bulu roma ok. Make sure all students get them. 

• Govt to provide full exemption on import, excise duties and sales tax for electric vehicles

OSTB :  Ok-lah very good. Terima kasih. So can we buy Tesla for RM200,000? 

If Tesla Model 3 can be sold in Malaysia at American prices (under RM200,000) then the prices of all other cars must also decrease.  But what about the prices of non-EVs? We are still paying THREE or FOUR times the world market price for cars in Malaysia. When is this robbery going to stop? 

• RM1.7 billion in subsidies, incentives for farming and fisheries industries, including RM1.5 billion in subsidies for seeds and fertiliser

OSTB :  The padi farmers are complaining they are being bullied by the monopolies in padi seeds (benih padi), fertiliser and pesticide (racun). So who will benefit from this RM1,5 billion subsidy for seeds and fertilisers? Jangan pula kaum elit jadi jutawan dengan makan duit rakyat.

• Windfall profit levy threshold for crude palm oil prices to be increased from RM2,500 per tonne to RM3,000 per tonne for Peninsular Malaysia and from RM3,000 per tonne to RM3,500 per tonne for Sabah and Sarawak. 

OSTB : This is another foolish tax model. Why punish the palm oil producers? Tahun ini harga papaya pun sudah naik. Why not tax the papaya growers? Harga durian Belanda (sour sop) is RM18 - RM20 per kg. Why not tax the durian Belanda farms? Why punish the palm oil producers? Why punish the rich who work hard and honest to earn their money?

• Bank Negara to allocate RM1 billion towards assisting SMEs in adopting sustainable and low-carbon practices

BNM does not even understand banking. They are regulators. They are not bankers. How on earth is Bank Negara going to understand low-carbon practises? Unless this is to help some smart beggars speculate in carbon credits. Deyy we know what you did last summer. 

• Govt to issue ringgit-denominated sustainable sukuk of up to RM10 billion, to finance eligible social or nature-friendly projects

OSTB :  Huh?  Is this going to be another 1MDB? Social or nature friendly projects? What the hell is that? RM10 B I L L I O N ?? RM10 BILLION for nature-friendly projects ?? No details forthcoming. I smell rotten fish here. 

• RM700 million allocated to enhance digital connectivity in 47 industrial areas and 630 schools, especially those in rural areas

OSTB :  RM700 million? What happened to last year's allocation? The connectivity is still not good. Some crony OKU is going to get big money.

• RM20 million to be allocated to each state for projects related to food security, tourism, and nature conservation

OSTB :  There are 13 states plus Wilayah Persekutuan. So RM280 million for food security, tourism, nature conservation? But there is already an agri budget, a tourism budget plus an RM10 billion nature-friendly-projects budget. Tambah lagi RM280 million?

• Sales tax to be imposed on low-value items sourced overseas that are sold by online sellers and sent to Malaysia via air courier

• Services tax to be imposed on delivery services provided by service providers including e-commerce platforms, except for food and beverage deliveries and logistics services

OSTB :  Hello this will increase the prices of these affordable goods lah. Harga barang akan naik. BN maksudnya Barang Naik. Bukan Barisan Nasional.  Kalau awak letak cukai gila babi, habis barang "low value items" akan bertukar jadi 'barang harga tinggi'.   Barang memang low value tetapi harga pula akan jadi mahal.  Orang sudah hidup susah. Duit sudah tipis. Kita nak beli barang mahal tak ada duit. Jadi ramai orang beli barang murah. Tapi kalaulah awak letak cukai maka harga barang low quality pun akan jadi mahal. 

The barang is still lower quality but the price is very high quality.

Kenapalah awak nak zalimi orang susah? Kenapalah awak semua bodoh bangang macam ini? 

• Govt announces RM3 billion Injection into pandemic-hit listed companies, RM2 billion for companies with gearing issues

OSTB :  Is this referring to the GLCs? What about my company? Can the government help me? 

It is yet another Budget. Or Bajet. Or Bu-jet. 

Artikel ini adalah pandangan penulis dan tidak semestinya mewakili MMKtT.

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