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10 APRIL 2024

Sunday, October 31, 2021

Why pay RM10,000 if it’s not a lease, says Kedah MB


The tomb of Capt Francis Light of the East India Company who founded George Town and a British settlement on Penang island in 1786. (Wikimedia pic)

KULIM: The Kedah state government is setting up a team comprising historians, academicians and representatives of historical associations to determine that Penang was leased from Kedah two centuries ago, menteri besar Muhammad Sanusi Md Nor said.

He said the parties invited to join the team had already stated their commitment to assist Kedah in the matter.

He contended that Penang was “leased” from Kedah.

However, historical accounts state that the East India Company bought the land from the sultan of Kedah, in return for military protection and a yearly payment in perpetuity.

Sanusi said this evening that “basically, Penang was leased from Kedah, that is why we were paid RM10,000 all these years. If not, what is the RM10,000 payment for?”, Bernama reported.

The RM10,000 is paid by the Penang state government as the successor to the British administration to honour the agreement with the sultan of Kedah.

Sanusi said the federal government had added an extra RM10 million every year since 2018.

“So we have been receiving RM10 million (and) RM10,000, what is the purpose of the money if it’s not due to the lease? You think it’s easy for people to give RM10 million and RM10,000? Of course there is a reason (for it),” he told reporters at a factory event at Kulim Hi-Tech Park.

He hoped that the payment would be reviewed and given a current value. - FMT

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