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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Chong Eng lauds bigger budget for cops to tackle sexual crimes


DAP's women's wing has praised Putrajaya for pledging to increase funding and human resources for the D11 police unit to deal with sexual crimes.

In a statement today, wing leader Chong Eng said insufficient human resources had often been cited as the main reason for the weak enforcement of laws against gender-based violence.

Chong urged Putrajaya to also ensure there is better support for victims of violence such as increasing the number of shelter homes and setting up a family court to deal with domestic violence and incest.

"The government must not just stop at increasing funding for the police and creation of additional manpower but tackle gender-based violence at its root cause.

"Please do not overlook the support to be extended to victims," said Chong.

Putrajaya has pledged to allocate an additional RM13 million and add 100 personnel to the police's D11 unit (sexual, women, and children investigation division) as part of Budget 2022.

Meanwhile, Chong also praised Putrajaya for mandating that all public listed companies must have at least one female director by Sept 1 next year.

However, she said it would be better if Putrajaya mandates that 30 percent of all boardroom appointments are female.

These two measures, said Chong, were important gender mainstreaming initiatives in policymaking while being crucial to achieving gender equality between women and men.

Chong is also the Penang state executive councillor in charge of social development and non-Islamic religious affairs. She is also the Padang Lalang state assemblyperson. - Mkini

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