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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Covid-19 (Oct 31): 4,979 new cases


COVID-19 | The Health Ministry today reported 4,979 new Covid-19 cases today, bringing the cumulative case count to 2,471,642.

The number of hospital admissions throughout the country in the last seven days have declined by 11.3 percent compared to the preceding week.

However, hospital admissions in some states are on the rise, particularly in Pahang (+46.4 percent), Terengganu (+29.2 percent), Kedah (+26.5 percent), Malacca (+26.2 percent) and Kuala Lumpur (+23.0 percent).

Covid-19 hospital bed utilisation rate is highest in Kelantan (82.9 percent), Terengganu (79 percent) and Malacca (75 percent). 

Beginning Oct 9, the Health Ministry will only publish today's breakdown of new cases by states after midnight on its CovidNow portal.

The breakdown by states for yesterday (Oct 30), where 5,854 new cases were reported, is as follow:

Selangor (1,401)
Sabah (650)
Sarawak (646)
Kelantan (450)
Johor (435)
Pahang (350)
Kedah (345)
Kuala Lumpur (309)
Penang (270)
Terengganu (266)
Perak (231)
Malacca (223)
Negeri Sembilan (213)
Perlis (35)
Putrajaya (29)
Labuan (1)

The R-naught for the country as of yesterday is 0.96. A R-naught of less than 1.00 suggests that the spread of Covid-19 was decelerating.

The only regions with a R-naught of above 1.00 are Kuala Lumpur and Negeri Sembilan.


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