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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Kit Siang wants Najib and Muhyiddin punished for 'disguised campaigning'


Veteran opposition lawmaker Lim Kit Siang today urged the Health Ministry to punish two former prime ministers - Najib Abdul Razak and Muhyiddin Yassin - for flouting health regulations by attending gatherings in Malacca recently.

Lim warned that if the Health Ministry turned a blind eye towards Najib and Muhyiddin, it would be a case of double standards where there is one rule for the ruling parties and another for the opposition.

Describing Najib and Muhyiddin as attending “disguised” activities to mask their campaigning, Lim said if the Health Ministry is incapable of enforcing its own rules, they should do away with it.

“Either take immediate action or scrap the ban and discuss with all political parties and the Election Commission to ensure free, fair and clean elections while preventing the spread of Covid-19,” said Lim.

Malacca will go to the polls on Nov 20 but the Health Ministry has placed a ban on political gatherings.

Yesterday, Najib visited various spots in Malacca. In Tanjung Kling, Najib told reporters that he was just visiting on invitation by Tangga Batu Umno division head Mohamad Ali Mohamad.

He also visited Kampung Tengah and posed with tourists at Queen Victoria’s fountain.

As for Muhyiddin, he visited several “Gerai Prihatin Rakyat” - a type of stall selling staple goods at very low prices.

For instance, one can purchase a 200g pack of Milo, one chicken, 30 eggs and 2kg in potatoes for just RM15.

According to promotional material for the stalls, customers are limited to low-income folks.

Customers will have to go through a drive-through system to purchase the goods to avoid crowding.

Muhyiddin was photographed handing out RM5 purportedly as change to one buyer.

On Oct 24, Health Minister Khairy Jamaluddin said Covid-19 protocols were amended to ban all physical gatherings and social events related to the upcoming Malacca elections from Oct 25 to Nov 27.

Several political commentators told Malaysiakini that they expected political parties to mask their campaigning activities for the Malacca election as the stakes were very high. - Mkini

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