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Monday, March 28, 2011

VIDEO SKANDAL KEWANGAN: Taib Mahmud grilled by a Mat Salleh on financial transparency

Some people like a Mat Salleh to dissect a subject because they think the orang puteh would make a better dish than a local so here is a video of Sarawak Chief Minsiter, Pehin Seri Taib Mahmud being interviewed by a Mat Salleh.

Taib remains composed and unflustered and answers questions consistently as when locals asked him questions.

His answer about his family business is quite simple and straightforward...everyone is entitled to do business but as chief minister he decided to send his children to do business outside of the country to prevent conflict of interest - that is eminently sensible.

TWO VIDEOS after the jump

"I had to do business outside more than 30 years ago, simple reason is that; I don't want conflict of interest to haunt me all the time.

"If I do business inside the country people will say I use my influence to enrich myself, so we did it outside.

"Outside if you got some money and you got talent you can really build a good business," he said calmly.

In fact we have two videos below of Taib answering questions about his family and the wealth of the state and you can see for yourself that he has not wavered and he is not calm or angry when asked difficult questions whether by Mat Salleh or by locals

..not like a particular Opposition poltician who would bark; "sapa suruh you tanya? sapa suruh you tanya? when difficult questions are asked

...did it ever occur to him that the reporter may be asking questions that millions of Malaysians are asking themselves?

Or another Opposition spiritual leader who screamed "Celako, celako celako" when questions about his son in law's dealings were uncovered

Is is truth that keeps people calm?

or is it truth that makes them angry?

or is it both, depending on which side of truth people find themselves?

courtesy of MARAHKU

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