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Monday, October 17, 2011

Selangor PAS: We still need you, Hasan

Selangor PAS is prepared to issue another letter to its former commissioner Hasan Ali, to appoint him as Selangor exco as it “still needs him” in their ranks.

“The claim that PAS was not sincere in the appointment does not arise. We still need his energy and views as an exco member (in Selangor),” state party secretrary Mohd Khairuddin Othman told a press conference in Shah Alam today.

“We have issued two letters of appointment to him, and are prepared to issue a third one to invite him to join us.”

hasan ali umno pas selangor talk quality hotel 300708 05In fact, chipped in state deputy commissioner Khalid Samad, the secretariat is even “willing to send 10 letters”.

“We don't mind,” he said, chuckling.

Hasan (left), who was state commissioner until the reshuffle following party elections, had claimed that he has not receivedthe letter and thus, did not attend the committee meetings.

He was replaced by Meru assemblyperson Dr Abdul Rani Osman.

This sparked speculation that Hasan would leave PAS. His hardline stance on several issues in his capacity as state exco member on Islamic affairs had also earned him much criticism,

‘Letter was acknowledged’

Mohd Khairuddin said the secretariat records show that Hasan had in fact received the letter and had acknowledged a copy for Selangor PAS’ records.

NONEThe appointment, he said, had followed the procedure outlined in the party constitution and was the same practice as when Hasan was commissioner.

Mohd Khairuddin (right) also pointed out that, according to the constitution, a member who does not want to be appointed to a post has the right to reject the appointment.

“We plan to meet with (Hasan) in the near future to see what the problem is," he added.

"I urge that this matter be put to rest as Selangor PAS wants to focus on strengthening Pakatan Rakyat and its election machinery to face the upcoming general election."

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