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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Can the Malays trust Anwar Ibrahim?

Muhyiddin Yasin

I don’t think so. Anwar Ibrahim as the de facto leader of the opposition appears to be just another politician who continues to maneuver to ensure that his own ambition to be the Prime Minster of Malaysia is fulfilled.

Most in the Malay community felt sorry for him during his incarceration in 1998 when he ambitiously tried to overthrow Dr Mahathir Mohammed similar to how he had toppled Tun Ghafar Baba for the Deputy President post in UMNO with his American style campaign within the UMNO faction. The rest is of course history. Although the Malays were split during the 1999 election he realized that without the support of the Non Malay it would be an uphill task to bring a strong and viable opposition and the platform fell on his lap in GE12 with the rise of HINDRAF where his loosely held coalition was able to win over 5 states in Malaysia.

Thereafter he proved to be truly the chameleon extraordinaire in enticing the public especially the Non Malays with his moderate and liberal stance with chauvinist DAP and Islamic based PAS as and when it was convenient.

Today the anchoring chauvinists DAP (different from the yesteryear DAP) with a hate agenda against the Malays and the ever condescending PAS are ready to twist and turn to fulfill the ugly political aim of Anwar and their own without any actual solutions for Malaysians.

The latest series of conflicting issues such as the Syura Council issue within PAS, the reluctance to accept the Borneo based parties as part of the coalition and the latest in the series being HINDRAF with the blueprint to uplift fellow Malaysian seems to be not one that concerns the public in general but rather how the public will be able to fulfill the ambition of Anwar Ibrahim.

I have nothing personal against Anwar Ibrahim as a Malay leader, but as a leader he should be assertive without political suaveness if he is principled enough to stand for any Malaysian besides being there for typical rhetoric when the situation warrants for situation like what BORNEO & HINDRAF seeks for the well being of the community.

The Malay population is now savvier in their approach with their inclusiveness as Malaysians when the real cause for fellow Malaysians is there rather than running a political agenda divided and decided with hate mongering agenda based on political survival like what the opposition is doing.   

The slogan, the grandeur is not relevant as Malays are intelligent enough to understand when political objectives defeat its purpose for fellow Malaysians and their cause.

So Anwar, how can the Malays trust you when you wink and wank as and when it suits you like with the issue with the BORNEO states and HINDRAF?  

Muhyiddin Yasin,
P.S. not the bodoh punya Melayu TPM

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