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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Freedom of religion or freedom to diss religion?

YOURSAY 'So, this is what is meant by 'freedom of religion' in Malaysia: freedom for certain Islamists to criticise other religions but not the other way around.'

NGOs, PKR demand action on MP for insult to Hindus

your sayKsn: The call from PKR and NGOs for action against Kulim-Bandar Baru MP Zulkifli Noordin is legitimate for he had ridiculed another religion.

No doubt the MP has no knowledge about other religions, in this case, Hinduism. But he finds it appropriate, and probably amusing, in what he had done.

What is the PDRM (Royal Malaysian Police) waiting for? Are they going to really apply the law without fear and favour in such cases, and if so when?

As a nation, can we allow these sorts of things to happen, and continue to happen, without control? Where would that lead us to? When will their double standards stop?

Zulkifli has done this before, has he not? Who is indeed protecting him?

Anonymous_40f4: The police will probably invite Zulkifli for a cup of teh tarik, just like they did with Perkasa chief Ibrahim Ali.

Prime Minister Najib Razak won't comment; he will as always pretend to be deaf and dumb. MIC will do a ‘wayang kulit'. After that, Zulkifli will not be charged. He is protected by Umno, Perkasa and their patron.

Tembikai: Please also protest against Ridhuan Tee Abdullah. No action was taken against him, too, by either the police or the Ministry of Higher Education.

I was told he is still teaching, still associate professor, still head of department and still in Forum Perdana. Why is Umno protecting all these racist hypocrites?

Onyourtoes: Poor Indian Malaysians, so many politicians are courting your votes now. Is this video of Zulkifli an old story? Why was there no demand for action earlier?

Ramachandran Muniandy: For your information, BN is now using the Registrar of Societies (ROS) to close down Hindu temples in Kedah.

Kedah itself has had more than 10 Hindu temples deregistered for flimsy reasons. From my own experience, our temple's Pertubuhan Pengurusan Sri Siva Subramaniar Padang Serai is one such case.

After deregistration, we appealed to the Home Ministry (KDN) on Nov 8 through Kedah ROS, and till today there has been no reply. We have telephoned the officer in charge in the ministry more than 10 times, to which the reply was "Still in progress."

During this period we cannot receive donations or hold any religious festivals. Recently our temple has been illegally taken over by a group. The police can't take action because we now have no rights.

After five months and many calls to KDN, we get the same reply, "Lagi dalam proses". What will happen to our temple festivals, outstanding bills, salaries for priest and other payments? We are not rich like mosques where the government pays their bills.

Black Panthar: I bet the Indians and Hindus will not be able to be united to protest against Zulkifli. Where is Hindraf? Still busy bargaining with PM Najib Najib for election seats?

Where is former MIC chief S Samy Vellu's son, Vell Paari, who is always full of public stunts? Can the Hindu Sangam representing the Malaysian Hindus organise a protest in Putrajaya, in front of the PDRM, or Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein's house?

I think not, the Indians and Hindus are not united at all. That's the reason why Umno takes the Indians and Hindus for granted.

Open Minded: In boxing, there is a term used when a boxer commits a foul - hitting below the belt.

Religion is easy prey and is used by unscrupulous and low-down deranged individuals to provoke and create tension and anxiety in a multi-racial and multi-religious country like Malaysia, in the misguided attempt to show that they are a religious and god-fearing lot.

If they really look within instead of without, they would see that what exists within is utter abuse and disregard that far outweigh what is on their outside. What a pathetic and despicable lot.

Apapunboleh: These insults continuously coming from groups aligned to Umno, and yet there are plenty who would vote for BN after picking up goodies from the PM. Indeed, MIC is a total failure.

Giudice: An apology is certainly not good enough, though Zulkifli is not going to apologise anyway. He has to be punished severely.

Jstom: So, this is what is meant by 'freedom of religion' in Malaysia - freedom for certain Islamists to criticise other religions but not the other way around?

Abasir: It appears that under Article 153 of the Federal Constitution, only Malay Muslims have the right to be sensitive, protest loudly at real or imagined hurt with automatic trigger-happy reaction from the police and ministers.
All others are expected to stomach the insults and grin whenever their faith is belittled and rights trampled on.

MockingYou: If anybody read the Facebook comments inMalaysiakini's Malay edition? - Malaysiakini

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