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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

In Kuala Selangor, Dr Dzul not spared by gutter politics

In Kuala Selangor, Dr Dzul not spared by gutter politics
PAS's Kuala Selangor candidate Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad has condemned the distribution of flyers by his opponents, saying slanders were being spread despite calls by various quarters to avoid dirty campaigning.
"This sad mentality of gutter politics prevailing here is against the aspirations of what the public wants," said Dzulkefly, who is being challenged by Irmohizam Ibrahim, an aide of caretaker prime minister Najib Razak.
Dzulkefly referred specifically to two flyers, including one which attacked him personally under the heading "Get to know PAS's parasite Dr Dzulkefly Ahmad".
The flyer among others accuses Dzulkefly of corrupt practices and of trying to destroy the Islamic party by embracing 'religious plurasim', a less-understood yet favourite phrase used by UMNO leaders.
Yet another flyer states that Pakatan Rakyat wants to remove Islam as the religion of the Federation, abolish constitutional monarchy and even dismantle the police force.
"We reassert all these are nothing more than downright lies meant to delude and hoodwink the less discerning rakyat of the Malay segment of the electorates," said Dzulkefly, who defeated BN's candidate in 2008 by 860 votes.
"The public demands that we conduct ourselves with integrity. During this political campaigning period, in espousing our ideas, it should focus on policy debates, critically analysing promises in the manifesto, scrutinising the quality of administration-governance and credibility of the leadership provided," he stressed, while saying an official complaint was being lodged with the Election Commission.

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