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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

4 Indonesian women rescued from prostitution ring in Sibu

Indonesian Consul-General in Kuching says rescue follows information retrieved from two underage victims rescued from the same ring last month.
PETALING JAYA: Information sharing between Malaysian and Indonesian police on cross border human trafficking has led to the rescue of four Indonesian women who were forced into prostitution in Sibu, Sarawak, on Friday.
The four, aged between 21 and 23, were rescued from a massage parlour where they were sent to “entertain” clients.
Indonesian Consul-General in Kuching Jahar Gultom said the operation was a follow-up to information retrieved from two underage victims rescued from the ring.
Jahar said some of the four victims rescued were smuggled in last year while others were brought in illegally in recent months.
“The story of how they were smuggled is almost the same. The authorities are still working on the information to nab the traffickers,” he said.
Jahar said the four will be transferred to a safe house in Kuching until the process of justice was completed.
“We will send them home after that. It will take between one and two months,” said Jahar.
Two days ago, a portal called ” tempo.co” reported that Indonesian police had busted a human trafficking syndicate smuggling young women to Malaysia.
Two victims, aged 15 and 16, known only as Nu and Ni, managed to escape the ring.
According to them, they were offered jobs at a restaurant in Malaysia with huge salaries.
The two victims were flown to Kalimantan and smuggled into Sarawak in a vehicle by a man named Aco through Entikong, a district in Kalimantan bordering the East Malaysian state.
Ni and Nu were then handed over to a woman called Ita, who forced them into prostitution.
Later on, Ni managed to escape and call her parents who contacted the Indonesian consulate in Kuching, who came to Ni’s rescue and sent her home to Indonesia. -FMT

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