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Thursday, January 5, 2017

A not-so-happy new year for Malaysians

YOURSAY | ‘The country will continue to lurch from one craftily manufactured crisis to the next…’
Legit: I have always tried to compare Malaysia and the US. In the US, you cannot see an iota of discrimination, be it racial, religious, gender, age and others. This is the official policy of the government. However, when it comes to society, there is plenty of prejudice, especially racial.
The situation is the opposite in Malaysia, Racial and religious discrimination is the official policy of the Malaysian government. Non-Malays and non-Muslims are treated as second or third-class citizens. However, at the society level, at least some decades ago, Malaysians used to treat each other as brothers, sisters and friends.
Over the years, this has changed mainly because of the poison fed by the politicians. So now we have official discrimination at its height on the one hand and deteriorating racial and religious prejudice at society level on the other. It is very difficult for people, especially the non-Malays, to have that feeling of belonging to the country any more.
Some of us voice out our frustrations at the rot taking place in the government and the country. Many others are just apathetic to what is happening and waiting for the 'other guy' to fight the battle. Under this environment, one does not see much hope for this country.
Given the most authoritative and draconian powers of the current government, it is not possible to change this government through democratic means and the only way to change is through massive people’s uprising, which is not going to happen because of many selfish Malaysians.
Even if there is a change, the new government is not going to be much different. Sadly, many non-Malays have practically given up and started moving their wealth out of the country. They are sending their children overseas to study and to remain there.
I am sad to say there is very little hope for this country. So writer Mariam Mokhtar, I understand your passion and concerns, but it looks like the horses have or are already leaving the barn in numbers.
Fair Play: Yes, I am a Malaysian and I like to think and act like one. But sadly, about 60 percent don't think so because they had been led to believe for more than 50 years that they are the ‘tuan’ of this land and the very fabric of Malaysian society is premised on their supremacy, race, culture, language, religion and their numerical majority who give scant regard to everything else. If at all, the future is indeed bleak.
If the incumbent PM goes, another one, possibly another inferior clone, will take his place. And the cycle will repeat itself for another 50 years. The only certainty that I know is this - I won't be around.
The game changer is this - would the 60 percent majority dare trust a truly Malaysian (regardless of race and religion) to lead the nation? Herein lies the crux of the issue.
6th Generation Immigrant: When supremacy finally gains full control in Malaysia, the country will still fail.
The supremacists still lack ideas, intelligence and meritocracy within their ranks to plot out a real universally developed Malaysia. In fact, we are already seeing failures in good progress.
Why? It's the blind leading the deprived. No political parties, NGO, media and the total combined citizenry of Malaysia has ever thought out of the box thus far in the country’s 59 years of independence.
Our psyche, irrespective of race and religion, always encompasses race and religion in deeds, demands and progress - an encumbrance with limitations.
Mariam, this is the root cause of our problems. No one country ever moved forward arguing either race or religion as a priority. We must first return race and religion back to the individuals, and thus a period of radicalisation in our entire administration is therefore necessary.
Who or which person or party are capable of carrying these out - collateral damage assured.
Abasir: Sorry Mariam, but I think you are wrong on this one. Malaya/Malaysia, by dint of its constitution and the assumptions made in adopting it, was doomed from the start.
The utter rot we are beginning to see and experience now started in 1957 when the ‘Umno-MIC-MCA-royalty-Islam’ marriage was formulated and consummated by men who could never see beyond the short term.
The ‘samsu’ of racial politics plus royalty plus Islam, which was promoted as some sort of magic potion, has been both force-fed and thoughtlessly imbibed by everyone - the Indians, the Chinese and the Malays.
The result is there for all to see - the country will continue to lurch from one craftily manufactured crisis to the next till collapses in its own vomit.
And that, ma'am, is the reason there will never be a popular uprising of decent, upright men and women with zero tolerance for the crookedness and the chicanery we see everyday.
Responsible Malaysian: Everybody tends to ignore the nature of human beings. The most you can expect from them is be well behaved under the rule of law.
The environment decides their urges and wants. If you can provide a fairly pleasant environment, the problems of discontent will be minimised.
Fairnsquare: How right you are, Mariam. Many of us are in denial and unable to accept realities. We need to take control of our rights and think as Malaysians.
Anonymous089918772: Why is a Muslim so agitated whenever any issues, even remotely related to the faith, is questioned even indirectly?
Imagine the resources employed to police Muslims, such as not wearing tudung or being close to a non-halal cake in a restaurant?
Wouldn’t the country benefit if the same ‘energy’ or fervour is directed to defending basic ethics and acquiring knowledge on sciences and economic management?
All these edicts are sadly from a ‘few’ clerics or mullahs with wrong priorities.
SSG: Happy New Year to you too, Mariam. Do not be too hard on yourself. Tell yourself that the four publications that stopped publishing your articles will end up being the losers.
Mosquitobrain: Holy cow, 2016 was bad indeed. One thing great was Malaysian Official 1 (MO1) through 1MDB has made Malaysia great and well-known. Definitely we do not need another one.- Mkini

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