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Friday, January 13, 2017

Apandi: AG's Chambers severely hit, but remains unshaken

The Attorney-General's Chambers has been bombarded with attacks and biased perceptions over the past 12 months, attorney-general Mohamed Apandi Ali said.
According to Apandi, there are those who questioned the chambers' commitment and endeavour to uphold fair and efficient administration of justice in Malaysia.
"But as a wise man said, 'One cannot control others, but he can control the reaction to them'. This is exactly how the chambers endured the challenges.
"As severely hit as we were, the AG's Chambers remains unshaken," Apandi said.
Apandi's speech was read out by solicitor-general II Zauyah Be Loth Khan at the 2017 Legal Year event in Putrajaya this morning.
However, the AG, who could not attend the event due to prior commitments, did not specify what the attacks and biased perceptions were.
He said with strong teamwork, the AG's Chambers managed to sail through the various challenges in 2016 with poise and composure.
Apandi said that a year after taking over as AG, he introduced a new slogan “Steadfast in Upholding Justice”, which is based on a verse in the Quran.
“The essence of this new slogan is that as officers of the AG's Chambers, we repeat our pledge that, in whatever situation, we will do whatever it takes to uphold justice and secondly, we will uphold it without fear or favour,” he said.
Apandi further pledged to improve the AG's Chambers and outlay a strategic plan between 2016 and 2020.
He said there are three strategic thrusts, namely:
  • Upholding the constitution and rule of law in providing legal service of the highest quality;
  • Reinforcing the administration of justice through criminal and civil litigations; and
  • Empowering human capital and talent management.

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