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Wednesday, January 4, 2017


I have been reliably informed that the new allies, Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Lim Kit Siang, reached a secret agreement on 3 Dec 2016.
Under the terms of the agreement, it was decided that in the event of Pakatan winning the next general election, Mukhriz Mahathir would be Prime Minister, with Lim Kit Siang as Deputy Prime Minister.
This is the reason why, on 4 Dec 2016, Dr Mahathir attended the DAP convention and then- for this reason, and this reason only- insisted that there should be no further discussion on the opposition’s prospective candidates for PM and DPM. The matter is a fait accomplish; it is a done deal.
The recent statements by Lim Kit Siang, that if Pakatan win the election, Wan Azizah and Muhyiddin Yassin would be PM and DPM were simply a political red herring. It was a deliberate ploy of pulling wool over Malay eyes because Lim Kit Siang knows full well that Malays will not vote for Pakatan if he were going to be DPM. Lim Kit Siang’s ambitions for him and his son have no limit. Having been in the DAP myself, I know this, and know what his plan really are.
steadyaku47 comment :
I like what this a******* said in his opening statement at the above press conference: “I have been reliably informed” …..
Aziz let me start with you. I am not going by what people have “reliably” told me about you.
I will not believe what Kit Siang or Saudara Anwar have “reliably” said about your treachery….even if what they said you did have been documented and reported extensively in the media.
Nor will I believe what the media have “reliably” quoted you as saying….no, none of the above will sway me. Let us listen and hear what Tunku Aziz said about Tunku Aziz and then make up our mind if Tunku Aziz is lying or telling the truth about Tunku Aziz.

“I have been targeting the DAP without their knowledge for the last 20 years and I have shared the platform with them on numerous occasions”……..

“I know that all of you would be delighted to hear if I said I was joining Umno…would’nt you…no that is not going to happen…because I have always been against politicians jumping from one party to another….”
“The government is in the throes of complete moral decay and it is a sad day for all of us in the country”….
And now Tunku, you tell us that you have been reliably informed that Mukhriz Mahathir would be Prime Minister, with Lim Kit Siang as Deputy Prime Minister.” 
Tunku….the Malays have a word for people like you….”bodoh sombong.”
Normally with old age comes wisdom…but in your case Tunku, old age came to you alone.
And Tunku may I have the last word….I have been reliably informed that you are a sad sad excuse for a man no longer relevant to the times he is living in, no longer able to comprehend that you are now terminally in moral and ethical decay…and, of course, you are now some one who is no longer reliable….to anybody!
– http://steadyaku-steadyaku-husseinhamid.blogspot.com/

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