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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Crowdfunding rescues voter from bankruptcy

Za'aba Ibrahim is saved from bankruptcy, thanks to members of the public who raised more than RM54,000 to pay for legal costs after the election petition he lent his name to failed.
"We are happy, we are thankful," Za'aba said cheerfully when contacted by Malaysiakini today.
He was ordered to pay RM50,000 in legal costs when the Pulai election result petition failed.
Za'aba lent his name to the petition, which was filed to challenge then PAS candidate Salahuddin Ayub’s defeat to BN’s Nur Jazlan Mohamed in the 2013 general election for the Johor parliamentary seat.
PAS Johor chief Mahfodz Mohamed said the party would not bear the legal costs because Za’aba is no longer a PAS member.
The Federal Court dismissed the appeal to nullify the Pulai election result on Jan 27, 2014, while Za'aba left PAS on Sept 1, 2015.
Za’aba is now a member of Amanah, the PAS splinter party that initiated the crowdfunding campaign to assist him. The campaign raised RM54,431.76 as at this afternoon.
He said the payment would be made next week after a press conference on the matter.
Asked what he will do with the additional funds, Za'aba said: "It depends on the state party (Amanah Johor), because we are using state collections. It'll most probably be channelled to help our friend Mazlan," Za'aba said.
The public donations were banked into Amanah’s bank account, he said.
Mazlan Aliman, the chairperson of the National Association of Settlers Children (Anak) was ordered to pay RM500,000 in damages and costs to Felda after losing a defamation suit against it.- Mkini

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