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Wednesday, January 4, 2017


bahri Mohd Zin
By Nai Kho Lerk a/l Phra Kedor Yai
He was probably the MACC senior officer who made the most noise. So loud was he that his second wife got all the details on the investigation into the SRC that she felt obliged to share it all with everyone on Facebook.
Bahri Mohamad Zain often portrays himself as the God-fearing, epitome of integrity civil servant who is truly disgusted with the present government. So disgusted was he that he waited a full year to retire instead of resigning immediately to disassociate his holy self from the shadow of the disgustingly dirty government he works for.
He told a Free Malaysia Today reporter that he resigned because he felt he has sinned against the 30 million Malaysians for failing to bring the SRC case to a court of law.
However, the MACC contacted Bahri and has since issued a statement saying that Bahri has denied ever making such statement. So, to whom was the reporter having a dialogue with? Why is Bahri lying and not standing his ground? Why has he no integrity?
If the denial from Bahri is the truth, then does that mean that his resignation has nothing to do with Najib Razak, or the government, or the SRC? What then was the reason for his resignation from the MACC early last year?
Could it be due to two police reports made against him and his second wife for abuse of power early last year?
macc 4
Apparently Bahri’s second wife, Noor Haslina Abdullah, was in a tussle with her sister-in-law Noraihan Che Ali, for the properties of the latter’s late husband who was her brother.
Haslina was adamant to not give the sister-in-law a single sen and had asked Bahri to send his men from MACC Putrajaya to raid Noraihan’s home and office to deny her any access to the deceased’s business documents.
The action prompted Noraihan to lodge a police report against both Bahri and Haslina in Kota Bharu on the 21st of February 2016 at the Kota Bharu police station. However, the police sat on the report and did not do anything.
macc 3
macc 5
When the police did not do anything Noraihan lodged another police report against Bahri and Haslina, this time at the Presint 7 police station in Putrajaya on the 1st of March 2016.
macc 1
macc 2
This begets the question: what was Bahri’s hold on the police that they did nothing to act on those two reports? Did Bahri again abuse his power by threatening the police that he would take action against them if they acted against him?
Now that Bahri has retired isn’t it high time that the police start acting on those reports and start serving the public some justice?
You can claim whatever image that you think befits you. But if you abused your power so that your wife can deny orphans their right to their late father’s wealth then you are not the God-fearing man you claim to be.
Instead, you have just placed your wife higher than God Almighty.

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